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How to Work with the Properties Panel in Photoshop CS6

Adobe axed the short-lived, standalone Masks panel in Photoshop CS6 in favor of the Properties panel, which now includes the capabilities of the Masks and Adjustments panels. No worries, however. None [more…]

How to Work with Layer Masks in Photoshop CS6

Like any other mask in Photoshop CS6, a layer maskis a grayscale image that you can edit to your heart’s content. Layer masks are excellent for blending layers of images together and creating soft transitions [more…]

How to Use Layer Mask Gradient and Brush Tools in Photoshop CS6

Layer masks in Photoshop CS6 allow you to gradually brush in transparency and opacity on a selective pixel basis. Two of the layer masking tools — Gradient and Brush tools — are more commonly used than [more…]

How to Manage Layer Masks in Photoshop CS6

Layer Masks are great tools in the Photoshop CS6 arsenal of editing tools. Here are some tips to help you work with your layer masks. You can do the following: [more…]

How to Gradually Fade from Color to Grayscale in Photoshop CS6

Layer masks are extremely powerful in Photoshop CS6 when it comes to blending multiple images so that one seems to dissolve into the others. Follow these steps to use a layer mask to take a single image [more…]

How to Manage Vector Masks in Photoshop CS6

Vector masks allow you to create smooth-edged shapes in Adobe Photoshop CS6. Here are a few vector mask tips. You can perform the following tasks: [more…]

How to Create Channel Masks in Photoshop CS6

Photoshop CS6’s channel masks are probably the most time-consuming masks to use because they require a lot of manual labor. Not heavy lifting, mind you, but work with the tools and commands in Photoshop [more…]

How to Mask Hair, Fur, and Other Wispy Things in Photoshop CS6

Because a mask allows for a 256-level selection in Photoshop CS6, it does a great job of picking up those elusive strands of hair and such that would otherwise probably be cut off in the selecting process [more…]

How to Frame a Photo with Quick Mask in Photoshop CS6

Sometimes, you may want to use Photoshop CS6 to add a decorative border or edge to your image. Maybe you’re creating a postcard or greeting card, and the standard rectangular shape image just doesn’t provide [more…]

How to Work with the New Blur Gallery in Photoshop CS6

When you select any of the three new Blur filters in Photoshop CS6, you will also access two associated control panels, Blur Tools and Blur Effects, which contain your options. All three filters enable [more…]

How to Use the Facet Filter in Photoshop CS6

One reason you might want to blur an image in Photoshop CS6 is to reduce dust and scratches, or to smooth away sharp edges. The Facet filter breaks up an image by using a posterizing effect. It gathers [more…]

How to Fade a Filter in Photoshop CS6

Sometimes, you may not want the full effects of a filter applied to your image or selection in Photohop CS6. Often, applying a filter full strength tends to give it that artificial “Photoshopped” look. [more…]

How to Selectively Apply a Filter in Photoshop CS6

You don’t need to apply filters to an entire image or an entire layer in Photoshop CS6. You can achieve some of the best effects when you apply a filter to only a portion of an image — say, to an object [more…]

How to Spruce Up a Scanned Halftone in Photoshop CS6

Adobe Photoshop Creative Suite 6 has a way to improve the quality of a scanned image when you do not have access to the original.

Publications use only a limited number of ink colors to reproduce a photograph [more…]

How to Work in Photoshop CS6’s Filter Gallery

The Filter Gallery dialog box in Photoshop CS6, technically an editing window, gives you an alternative route to access and apply filters. To put it onscreen, choose Filter→Filter Gallery. In this window [more…]

How to Create Artistic Effects in Photoshop CS6

Quite a few Photoshop CS6 filters produce artistic effects. You can find a large collection of them in the Sketch and Stylize submenus. However, the Artistic menu contains 15 versatile filters that you [more…]

How to Create Borders and Edges in Photoshop CS6

An attractive border from Photoshop CS6 can give your image an edge. If you want an edgy look or want to take your work right to the edge, you can apply this technique faster than you can say, “Overworked [more…]

How to Use Smart Sharpen in Photoshop CS6

Smart Sharpen does a great job of detecting edges and sharpening them in Photoshop CS6. This filter gives you a lot of control over the sharpening settings. Here’s the scoop on those settings: [more…]

How to Use Unsharp Mask in Photoshop CS6

The Unsharp Mask filter in Photoshop CS6 provides a sophisticated attempt to duplicate a sophisticated photographic effect called (you guessed it) unsharp masking, [more…]

How to Blur Sharp Images in Photoshop CS6

You may find the need to apply a blur filter in Photoshop CS6 if you have an image that contains unwanted grain (the roughness or noise added by the photographic film) or perhaps an ugly pattern of halftone [more…]

How to Apply the Lens Blur Filter in Photoshop CS6

If you use a Lens Blur filter on an alpha channel in Photoshop CS6, the alpha channel acts as a depth map, imitating the depth of field created by the aperture on the camera. Depth of field relates to [more…]

How to Manage Preset Styles in Photoshop CS6

Photoshop CS6 offers you a multitude of preset styles. Here are some points to remember when using the Styles panel. You can do any of the following: [more…]

How to Distort Images in Photoshop CS6

With one exception, Photoshop CS6’s Distortion filters twist, turn, and bend your images in surprising ways, turning ordinary objects into wavy images, pinched shapes, and bloated spheres. [more…]

How to Add Noise to Images in Photoshop CS6

Noise in images consists of any graininess or texture that occurs. Noise filters, such as the Photoshop CS6 Add Noise plug-in, produce random texture and grain in an image. [more…]

How to Reduce Noise in Images in Photoshop CS6

Although the Add Noise filter in Photoshop CS6 adds grain, the other filters in the Noise submenu don’t add noise at all; instead, they make noise and [more…]

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