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Install AIR Applications Built in Flash CS5

Adobe AIR applications have several advantages over the use of standard Adobe Flash Creative Suite 5 projectors. AIR applications can work with the operating system, files, and other applications without [more…]

Flash CS5 Keyboard Shortcuts

Part of creating a smooth and fast work environment in Adobe Flash Creative Suite 5 is having your favorite Flash commands, panels, and tools at your fingertips. Most Flash menu items and panels are equipped [more…]

Flash CS5 Publish Settings for SWF Files

Adobe Flash Creative Suite 5 SWF files are compressed movies used by the Flash Player for display on the web or directly on a user’s computer. When you choose to publish a SWF file, you have the opportunity [more…]

Assign Beginning and Ending States to Flash CS5 Components in Catalyst

Although the word states properly applies to Adobe Flash Creative Suite 5 Catalyst button variations, Catalyst sometimes uses the word to mean pages. On the left side of the Timelines panel is a list of [more…]

How to Assign Interactions to Flash CS5 Components

You can make pretty buttons by defining states, but they won’t do anything useful. To get your buttons to do something, you need to add interactions. Interactions define a response to a user action. The [more…]

How to Define a Transition in Flash CS5 Catalyst

After you create a transition in Adobe Flash Creative Suite 5 Catalyst, the next step is to configure it. In all cases, you work in the Timelines panel. [more…]

How to Define Pages in Flash Catalyst CS5

After importing your Adobe Flash Creative Suite 5 file into Flash Catalyst CS5, the first step is to define pages. After all, most Web sites have more than one page! If you created your layers correctly [more…]

What is Adobe Flash Catalyst CS5?

Adobe Flash Catalyst Creative Suite 5 can make creating Flash web sites or desktop applications easy. You can start by creating your design in Photoshop or Illustrator and importing the resulting file [more…]


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