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How to Create Previous and Next Buttons in Flash CS5

After your Adobe Flash Creative Suite 5 timeline is under control, you need to give Flash CS5 users the ability to move back and forth between the images you’ve placed across the timeline. You should have [more…]

How to Link a Flash CS5 Movie to a Web Page

You can easily link to a website or web page within Flash movies by using a button or piece of text and a bit of code help from the Code Snippets panel. For your photo viewer, you link the text you placed [more…]

Create and Edit Custom Flash CS5 Workspace Layouts

Your Adobe Flash Creative Suite 5 workspace consists of all the Flash CS5 panels and tools you rely on, so why not take some time to customize it? You can save the position and appearance of these essential [more…]

How to Manage Flash CS5 Custom Workspace Layouts

After you create workspace layouts in Adobe Flash Creative Suite 5, you can rename, delete, or update them as needed. Deleting Flash CS5 layouts you no longer use is good practice so that you can keep [more…]

How to Use Flash CS5 Publish Profiles

If you want to use the same publish settings across multiple movies in Adobe Flash Creative Suite 5, you can capture your settings as a Flash CS5 Publish profile that you can recall and use in other documents [more…]

How to Prepare Flash CS5 Artwork for Catalyst

In Adobe Flash Creative Suite 5, careful preparation of your design in Photoshop or Illustrator is key to getting good results in Catalyst — and not tearing your hair out in frustration! You may have to [more…]

Convert Flash CS5 Artwork to Buttons

When your layers and pages are set up in Adobe Flash Creative Suite 5, it’s time to start creating buttons, which are the nuts and bolts of your Flash CS5 user interface. [more…]

How to Define Button States in Flash CS5 Catalyst

You can create the artwork for the different states of your Flash buttons in Adobe Flash Creative Suite 5 Catalyst, or in Photoshop or Illustrator. Catalyst has several filters that you can use to easily [more…]

Resize a Flash CS5 Button in a Different State

Resizing a button in Adobe Flash Creative Suite 5 so that it grows when the mouse passes over it is an effective way to bring attention to the button. This can be done with animation so that the button [more…]

Import Images for Flash CS5 Button States in Catalyst

If you created images for each Flash CS5 button state in Photoshop or Illustrator, you can import them into Adobe Flash Creative Suite 5 Catalyst as long as they are in one of the following formats: PNG [more…]

Add and Edit Symbols on the Flash CS5 Stage

You can reuse a symbol after you add it to your Adobe Flash Creative Suite 5 library. Each copy of a symbol is referred to as an instance in Flash CS5. Although all instances of a symbol remain linked [more…]

How to Create Zoom Effects in Flash CS5

Some of the most common Adobe Flash Creative Suite 5 effects — such as zoom, flip, lean, and spin — are all different types of transformations, or changes to a Flash CS5 symbol’s dimensions, rotation, [more…]

How to Use Motion Presets in Flash CS5

Motion Presets in Adobe Flash Creative Suite 5 take to a new level the concept of reusing Flash animation behavior, by allowing you to take a “snapshot” of an animation’s behavior and save it as a handy [more…]

How to Use the Flash CS5 Layout Grid

In Adobe Flash Creative Suite 5, you can enable and use the Flash CS5 grid to draw and position objects and create precise layouts by just following the lines. As with guides, you can snap type, drawing [more…]

How to Align and Distribute Artwork in Flash CS5

If you need to line up or space out several graphics on the Adobe Flash Creative Suite 5 stage, you can use Flash CS5’s handy Align panel to assist you. The Align panel lets you line up, distribute, or [more…]

How to Match Object Sizes in Flash CS5

If you need to resize two or more Flash CS5 objects on the Adobe Flash Creative Suite 5 stage so that they’re all the same width and height, you can take advantage of the Match Size options in the Align [more…]

Flash CS5 Animation Helpers: Onion Skin and Edit Multiple Frames

In Adobe Flash Creative Suite 5, the Onion Skin, Onion Skin Outlines, and Edit Multiple Frames options let you view, move, and manipulate entire Flash CS5 animations at a time to save time and guarantee [more…]

Publish Flash CS5 Movies

The .fla or .xfl files you use to build your Adobe Flash Creative Suite 5 movie are intended only for the Flash CS5 authoring environment. When you’re ready to deliver a final product, create a final . [more…]

Flash CS5 Movie Formats

Depending on where and how you plan to distribute your Adobe Flash Creative Suite 5 movie, you can have Flash CS5 create a variety of different formats at publish time. Although the most common deployment [more…]

Preview Your Flash CS5 Publish Settings

Before you publish a Flash movie in Adobe Flash Creative Suite 5, always use Publish Preview to test the settings you created in the Publish Settings dialog box. Like the Test Movie command, Publish Preview [more…]

Use FTP to Upload Flash CS5 Files to the Web

File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is the method used to connect and transfer Adobe Flash Creative Suite 5 iles between your local computer and a remote web server and is the most common way of posting finished [more…]

Flash CS5 Publish Settings for HTML Files

To present Adobe Flash Creative Suite 5 movies on the web, you’ll need to publish an HTML file that contains your Flash SWF file. This HTML file not only displays your movie but also includes all code [more…]

Flash CS5 Projector Files for CD-ROM Publishing

Adobe Flash Creative Suite 5’s ability to include full-featured video, audio, and graphics has made Flash CS5 quite a popular choice for creating CD-ROM based presentations, e-brochures, learning materials [more…]

Import Photoshop or Illustrator Files into Flash CS5 Catalyst

Flash Catalyst allows you to import Adobe Flash Creative Suite 5 files in Photoshop or Illustrator format. When importing from Photoshop, for example, all the layers import intact. The layers of the Photoshop [more…]

Publish AIR Applications with Flash CS5

In Adobe Creative Suite 5, the Adobe AIR (Adobe Integrated Runtime) platform gives designers and developers a way to use their existing skills to create cross-platform desktop applications. AIR applications [more…]


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