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The Flash CS5 Photoshop Import Options Panel

The Adobe Flash Creative Suite 5 Photoshop Import Options panel gives you a detailed choice of what is imported into Flash CS5, and how, from .psd files. You can send bitmap artwork directly to the library [more…]

How to Import Illustrator (.ai) Files in Flash CS5

Because Adobe Creative Suite 5’s Illustrator and Flash both natively create vector artwork, you can import graphics created in Illustrator into Flash CS5 for placement or editing with tools, such as the [more…]

The Flash CS5 Illustrator Import Options Panel

The Illustrator Import Options panel in Adobe Flash Creative Suite 5 gives you a detailed choice of elements to import from .ai files. Flash CS5 can convert grouped artwork, compound paths, and type layers [more…]

How to Import Sounds in Flash CS5

The best multimedia creations use not only visuals and motion but also sound and music, so your Adobe Flash Creative Suite 5 movies should, too. Flash CS5 fully supports the import, placement, and control [more…]

Use Mask Layers in Flash CS5

Masking in Adobe Flash Creative Suite 5 involves using a shape (or shapes) to hide or reveal portions of a piece of Flash CS5 artwork — much like viewing the outside through a small window in your house [more…]

How to Show Inertia and Gravity in Flash CS5 Animation with Easing

In Adobe Flash Creative Suite 5, you can reproduce the two most recognizable forces of motion, inertia and gravity, by using a special tween option: Ease [more…]

Align Flash CS5 Objects with Grids, Guides, and Snap

In Adobe Flash Creative Suite 5, visual aides are indispensable when you need to line up, arrange, or measure objects on the Flash CS5 stage with absolute accuracy. Some designs will take advantage of [more…]

What is a Flash CS5 Movie Clip?

Adobe Flash Creative Suite 5’s powerful and versatile movie clip symbol type can include entire, independent Flash CS5 animations yet be placed and maintained in your movie just as easily as graphic symbols [more…]

Create and Place Movie Clips in Flash CS5

In Adobe Flash Creative Suite 5, movie clips are created as new, empty symbols as well as from existing content on the Flash CS5 stage. If you create a movie clip from scratch, you can add animation and [more…]

Create a Movie Clip Symbol in Flash CS5

Nonanimated Adobe Flash Creative Suite 5 graphics converted to Flash CS5 movie clips behave the same as graphic symbols, so you can place, tween, and modify instances on the stage. The difference, however [more…]

How to Use the Flash CS5 3D Translation Tool

In contrast to the 3D Rotation tool in Adobe Flash Creative Suite 5, which rotates Flash CS5 movie clips around an axis, the 3D Translation tool slides a movie clip along a specific axis to change its [more…]

How to Use the Flash CS5 3D Rotation Tool

The extensive drawing and animation capabilities of Adobe Flash Creative Suite 5 can be greatly enhanced by Flash’s 3D Rotation tool. The 3D Rotation tool can be used on any movie clip instance to rotate [more…]

How to Tween 3D Properties in Flash CS5

After you have a feel for how Adobe Flash Creative Suite 5’s 3D Rotation and 3D Translation tools transform Flash CS5 movie clips, you can incorporate these effects into a motion tween to create stunning [more…]

How to Combine Flash CS5 Movie Clips

To create a new Adobe Flash Creative Suite 5 animation from several smaller ones, you can create a new movie clip from other movie clip instances on the Flash CS5 stage. This technique allows you to group [more…]

ActionScript 3.0 Versus ActionScript 2.0 in Flash CS5

Since its introduction in Flash Player 9, ActionScript version 3.0 has brought many major changes and improvements to the way ActionScript performs and to the way it’s created within Flash movies. [more…]

How to Add Content to Flash CS5 Button States

In Adobe Flash Creative Suite 5, each frame, or state, can contain unique artwork so that your Flash CS5 button can change appearance as it’s clicked, pressed, or released. You can add content to each [more…]

Flash CS5 Button States

Take a look inside your Flash CS5 button by double-clicking it on the stage or in the Library panel; its unique timeline contains four specially marked frames: Up, Over, Down, and Hit. Each frame represents [more…]

How to Create Flash CS5 Button Symbols

To make your Adobe Flash Creative Suite 5 movies better, you can use Flash CS5 buttons to give users control over the action with timeline control and navigation. [more…]

How to Use Frame Labels in Flash CS5

In Adobe Flash Creative Suite 5, many ActionScript statements, like goto statements, reference exact frame numbers to navigate the Flash CS5 timeline. If you happen to change the placement of something [more…]

Flash CS5 Code Snippets and Instance Names

The addition of the new Flash CS5 Code Snippets panel to Adobe Flash Creative Suite 5 brings ActionScript within reach for many more users and provides precreated code fragments for most every common need [more…]

Add a stop() Statement in Flash CS5 ActionScript

The stop() statement in Adobe Flash Creative Suite 5 ActionScript does exactly what it sounds like: It stops the Flash CS5 timeline at whatever frames it’s placed on. A common use of stop [more…]

How to Use gotoAndPlay() and gotoAndStop() in Flash CS5 ActionScript

To loop a Adobe Flash Creative Suite 5 movie or to send the playhead to a different point on the Flash CS5 timeline, you can tell your movie to jump forward or backward to a specific frame with one of [more…]

Introduction to Flash CS5 ActionScript

ActionScript is a powerful scripting language in Adobe Flash Creative Suite that you can incorporate into your Flash CS5 movies to control playback, navigation, and imported media, such as images, video [more…]

Create a Simple Photo Viewer in Flash CS5

After you’ve created buttons in Adobe Flash Creative Suite 5 and gotten a taste of adding ActionScript to the FlashCS5 timeline, you put it all together by “wiring up” a photo viewer on the main timeline [more…]

How to Stop the Flash CS5 Main Timeline

When you attempt to preview an Adobe Flash Creative Suite 5 movie, you’ll notice that the Flash CS5 timeline runs on its own, causing it to rapidly flip through the images you’ve placed on the main timeline [more…]


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