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Resize or Combine Flash CS5 Tween Spans

If you want a tween in Adobe Flash Creative Suite 5 to have a longer or shorter duration or to have more time for additional keyframes and motion, you can expand the number of frames in a tween span. [more…]

The Flash CS5 Motion Editor Panel

The Motion Editor panel in Adobe Flash Creative Suite 5 gives you precise control over each aspect of a motion tween. The Flash CS5 Motion Editor displays the various properties of a motion tween [more…]

Modify Flash CS5 Objects with a Shape Tween

Adobe Flash Creative Suite 5 can open up new worlds for creating quick, sleek animation without much effort. You should take advantage of shape tweens if your goal is to modify the shape of an object from [more…]

How to Choose Tweened or Frame-by-Frame Animation in Flash CS5

Traditional animation artists may want to create Flash CS5 animation the old-fashioned way: frame by frame. Adobe Flash Creative Suite 5 easily supports this method, but you should decide which method [more…]

How to Modify Frame Rate in Flash CS5

The frame rate, which plays an important part in the performance and appearance of movies in Adobe Flash Creative Suite 5, dictates how many frames are played back per second by Flash Player, in turn affecting [more…]

Edit and Transform Gradients in Flash CS5

You can use a gradient in Adobe Flash Creative Suite 5 to fill a shape the same way you set a solid fill color. After you apply a gradient to a shape on the Flash CS5 stage, you can use the Gradient tool [more…]

Create Gradients in Flash CS5

Gradients in Adobe Flash Creative Suite 5 are blends of two or more colors that you can use to fill any area or shape, just like a solid color. The Flash CS5 Swatches panel offers some gradient presets [more…]

Copy and Paste Motion Tweens in Flash CS5

In Adobe Flash Creative Suite 5, you can copy the behavior of a Flash CS5 motion tween that you then paste into a completely different symbol instance. This technique is handy if you need to have multiple [more…]

Animate along a Path with Flash CS5 Motion Guides and Snapping

Motion tweens you create in Adobe Flash Creative Suite 5 involve simple animation from one location to another. For some Flash CS5 tweens, however, you’ll want to have your symbol follow a more elaborate [more…]

Add Colors to Swatches in Flash CS5

Using Adobe Flash Creative Suite 5’s Color panel, you can mix and create your own color swatches, make gradients, and even apply transparency effects to existing colors on the Flash CS5 stage. [more…]

How to Create Fade Effects in Flash CS5

Adobe Flash Creative Suite 5’s Fade effects are quite popular because they can add a cinematic feel and smooth transitions between Flash CS5 images, text, and graphics. You can see fades used in familiar [more…]

How to Place Sounds on the Flash CS5 Timeline

After you have your favorite sounds into your Adobe Flash Creative Suite 5 document, you can place them on keyframes along the Flash CS5 Timeline to have them play at specific points in your movie. [more…]

Fine-Tune Flash CS5 Shape Tweens with Shape Hinting

Sometimes Adobe Flash Creative Suite 5 may overthink things and perform more shape morphing than it has to, especially when two shapes have common features. In these cases, you can use [more…]

How to Edit Sounds in Flash CS5

One hidden treasure in Adobe Flash Creative Suite 5 is the Edit Envelope dialog box, which performs trims and volume effects and lets you dial in volume and pan settings for each sound placed in your Flash [more…]

Inverse Kinematics (IK) Poses and Animation in Flash CS5

A significant feature of Adobe Flash Creative Suite 5 for designers and animators is the Flash CS5 support for Inverse Kinematics (IK), a principle relied on in 3D and computer animation and modeling. [more…]

Preview a Flash CS5 Movie

When you are working in Adobe Flash Creative Suite 5, it is always a good idea to check your Flash CS5 movie’s speed and size by previewing it. Previewing gives you an accurate depiction of how your animation [more…]

Bitmap versus Vector Artwork in Flash CS5

In computer-based design, you need to be aware of two graphic types: bitmap and vector. The drawing environment in Flash natively creates vector graphics, but you can use both bitmap and vector graphics [more…]

How to Import Other File Formats into Flash CS5

Your choice of file formats to use in Flash CS5 is based on which applications you commonly use. Adobe Flash Creative Suite 5 supports many popular file formats and industry standard Photoshop and Illustrator [more…]

How to Import Bitmap Images into Flash CS5

When you need to make use of a photo or graphic file in Adobe Flash Creative Suite 5, such as JPEG, GIF, or PNG, import it into Flash by choosing File→Import. [more…]

Edit Flash CS5 Bitmaps in Adobe Photoshop CS5

You can jump directly into Adobe Photoshop CS5 to edit any bitmap on the stage or in the library. Conveniently, changes you perform and save automatically update the bitmap back in your Flash CS5 project [more…]

Convert Bitmap Images to Symbols in Flash CS5

When a bitmap image is on the Adobe Flash Creative Suite 5 stage or in the library, it can be converted to a symbol just like any other graphic on the Flash CS5 stage. The process is the same, and the [more…]

Modify Tint and Transparency in Flash CS5

After you convert a bitmap image to a symbol in Adobe Flash Creative Suite 5, you can apply the same Flash transparency and color effects available to graphic symbols. To create these effects, you use [more…]

How to Apply Motion Tweens in Flash CS5

In Adobe Flash Creative Suite 5, any bitmap that’s been converted to a symbol can have motion tweens applied in exactly the same way as you would with any other Flash CS5 symbol. [more…]

How to Create Bitmap Fills in Flash CS5

In Adobe Flash Creative Suite 5, bitmap images can be used as fills for shapes, illustrations, and even Flash type as an alternative to solid colors or gradients. Bitmap fills can create cool effects and [more…]

How to Import Photoshop (.psd) Files into Flash CS5

Whether your Adobe Flash Creative Suite 5 project needs a simple photograph or complex compiled artwork, Flash CS5’s Photoshop Import options make it easy to import any .psd file while keeping individual [more…]


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