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How to Use Masking in Fireworks CS5

You can mask in Adobe Fireworks Creative Suite 5, but you don’t use quite the same method as you use in Illustrator, InDesign, or Photoshop. The result is essentially the same, however. [more…]

How to Add Color to Fireworks CS5 Graphics

Assigning a fill or stroke color to graphics is relatively simple in Fireworks Creative Suite 5 using the Swatches panel. But what if the color you want to use isn’t in the default Swatches panel? In that [more…]

How to Create Gradients in Fireworks CS5 Graphics

You can add some dimension to a graphic by filling it with a gradient. To create a gradient in Adobe Fireworks Creative Suite 5, follow these steps: [more…]

How to Create and Apply Text Styles in Fireworks CS5

You can choose among an array of interesting default styles to apply to both objects and text in Adobe Fireworks Creative Suite 5. You can also create your own styles — an extremely helpful capability [more…]

How to Use Tweening in Fireworks CS5

Tweening is provided as a tool for fine tuning animations in Adobe Fireworks Creative Suite 5. Tweening is the process of creating a state between two others, usually as a start or stop point for the animation [more…]

How to Animate with Masks in Fireworks CS5

If you’re a Photoshop user, you’re probably familiar with masks. You can take masking a step further in Adobe Fireworks Creative Suite 5 by animating a mask. [more…]

How to Adjust Animation Playback in Fireworks CS5

You can speed or slow an entire animation or control the speed of each slide individually. Controlling the timing of individual states can be helpful in an advertising animation, for example, if you want [more…]

How to Create and Test Animations in Fireworks CS5

Creating images is a simple process in Adobe Fireworks Creative Suite 5. Creating images for animations is also simple but slightly different, in that the images are created from several states that play [more…]


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