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Text Styles in Photoshop CC

The Character Style and Paragraph Style panels in Photoshop CC are shown in this figure. You define a character style based on the character format (font, size, style, and so on), the advanced format [more…]

Photoshop CC's Character and Paragraph Panels

For incredible control over the appearance of your text in Photoshop CC, use the Character and Paragraph panels. In addition to all the text attributes available on the Options bar, the panels provide [more…]

Type Containers in Photoshop CC

Although the vast majority of the text that you add to Photoshop artwork is point type — that is, type that exists on just one or a couple of lines — you’ll certainly find situations in which you need [more…]

Warp Text in Photoshop CC

When editing an image with text in Photoshop CC, you can change the line along which your type flows either by using the Warp Text feature or by typing on a path. Type warping uses predefined shapes to [more…]

What Are Layer Styles in Photoshop CC?

A layer style in Photoshop CC comprises one or more effects that surround or are applied to all the pixels on your layer. Effects that surround pixels include strokes [more…]

Use the Styles Panel in Photoshop CC

The Styles panel in Photoshop CC is hidden by default. Choose Window→Styles to make it visible. This panel, which you see with its menu open in this figure, is where you find and store layer styles and [more…]

Explore Photoshop's Layer Style Dialog Box

The first step in creating custom layer styles is to become familiar with the individual layer effects. Each of the ten effects available in the Layer Style dialog box has its own set of options. Most [more…]

Save Your Layer Styles in Photoshop

Creating custom styles in Photoshop CC takes some time and effort. Saving the styles means that you don’t have to spend time re-creating the style. Save your styles not only in the Styles panel but also [more…]

Opacity and Fill of Text in Photoshop CC

In the Blending Options area of the Layer Style dialog box and the upper-right corner of the Layers panel, you see a pair of adjustments named Opacity and Fill Opacity, as shown in this figure. Both have [more…]

Raster and Vector Artwork in Photoshop CC

The vast majority of the artwork with which you work (or play) in Photoshop is raster artwork. Raster imagery consists of uniformly sized squares of color [more…]

Basic Shape Tools in Photoshop CC

Photoshop CC offers basic shape tools for working with your images and artwork. Rectangles, rectangles with rounded corners (rounded rectangles), circles and ovals, multisided polygons, straight lines [more…]

The Custom Shape Tool in Photoshop CC

Although the basic shape tools are great for circles and squares and lines and arrows, you’ll probably get the most use out of the Custom Shape tool. With this tool selected, you click the triangle to [more…]

Custom Shapes in Photoshop CC

The custom shapes already available in Photoshop cover a wide range, but they might not fill all your needs. You can purchase commercial collections of custom shapes from a couple of sources. You can create [more…]

Create Paths with Pen Tool in Photoshop CC

Even with all the custom shapes available, you might need to create a path that’s unique to a specific image. For that, Photoshop offers the Pen tool and its associated tools. Before you start creating [more…]

Correct Red-Eye in Photoshop CC

When editing photos and portraits in Photoshop CC, you might sometimes want to correct red-eye. When a subject looks directly into the camera and the camera-mounted flash fires, the result is often red-eye [more…]

Smooth Wrinkles in Photoshop CC

Photoshop, being a complex and capable animal, has lots ways to minimize or eliminate wrinkles in portraits. Among the most powerful tools for this job are the Healing Brush, the Spot Healing Brush [more…]

Enhance Photos in Photoshop CC: Slim Down Bulges

You can use Photoshop's Clone Stamp tool to reduce a bit of a bulge at the waistline or below an upper arm, but you might find it easier (and more natural-looking) to make a selection and rotate the outer [more…]

Enhance Portraits in Photoshop CC

Enhancing details like de-glaring your subject's glasses in Photoshop CC can help your photos and portraits look that much better. Whitening teeth is another good trick to brighten up your photos. [more…]

Basic Layer Effects in Photoshop CC

Here are the basics of each of Photoshop's ten layer effects, showing the options available in the Layer Style dialog box for that effect in an insert, as well as one or more examples. [more…]

Explore Photoshop CC's Layer Styles

You can access Photoshop CC's Layer Style Menu in two ways. In addition to the pop-up menu at the bottom of the Layers panel, you can apply layer effects through the Layer→Layer Style menu. As you can [more…]

How to Reduce Noise in Photoshop Images

The move from the darkroom to digital may have saved you thousands of dollars in film and processing costs (not to mention a reduction in possible environmental pollution), but has added a new set of challenges [more…]

Text in Photoshop CC

To control your basic work with text, Photoshop offers you four type tools, the Options bar, and several options in the Preferences dialog box, both in the Type section, visible in this figure, and in [more…]

Text Options for Photoshop CC

Here you are, the proud owner of the world’s state-of-the-art image editor, Photoshop CC, and now you’re adding text, setting type, and pecking away on the keyboard. You’re faced with a lot of variables [more…]

4 Type Tools in Photoshop CC

Photoshop offers four type tools — or, perhaps more accurately, two pairs of type tools — that assist you with adding text to your images. The Horizontal Type tool and the Vertical Type tool [more…]


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