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Tour the InDesign Workspace

Just like the other applications in the Creative Cloud, InDesign has a standardized layout. Using panels that can be docked and a single-row Tools panel, you can keep much more space open in your work [more…]

InDesign Creative Cloud Panels

In the default layout in InDesign, you see a large area for the document. To the right of the document are several panelsthat snap to the edge of the workspace — panels that are attached to the edge of [more…]

Get Started with Drawing in InDesign

When you’re creating a document, you may want drawn shapes and paths to be parts of the layout. For example, you may want to have a star shape for a yearbook page about a talent show or to run text along [more…]

InDesign's Tools of the Trade

Take a look at some tools that you’ll probably use most often when creating drawings in your publications. When you draw with these tools, you’re using strokes and fills to make designs. The following [more…]

Shapes and Polygons in InDesign

Many of the tools you find in the InDesign Tools panel are used for drawing lines and shapes on a page, so you have several different ways of creating interesting drawings for your publications. You can [more…]

How to Edit Basic Shapes in InDesign

You can edit basic shapes using several panels in InDesign and therefore create original shapes and craft exactly the kind of design you require in a page layout. You aren’t stuck with predetermined shapes [more…]

Drawing Shapes in InDesign

Adobe Creative Cloud's InDesign allows you to create basic shapes in a document. You can easily create a basic shape by following these steps: [more…]

Adapt Creative Cloud Content for Digital Distribution

InDesign was built more than a decade ago as a tool for creating printed documents — not for creating digital documents and electronic books. As of InDesign CS6, however, Adobe added the capability to [more…]

Create Digital Documents with InDesign

If you must adapt a print document for electronic distribution, you should save a copy of the original InDesign document and work on the copy as a dedicated electronic document. These days, however, you [more…]

Create Alternate Layouts with InDesign CC

You can create separate horizontal and vertical layouts for your document in InDesign CC's Pages panel. When you export your document to HTML, the document will include information in the Cascading Style [more…]

Export an InDesign Document to HTML

Exporting an InDesign document to HTML allows you to share the document on the web so that it can be viewed on a variety of devices. The HTML file created by InDesign can also easily be edited. Just open [more…]

Export InDesign Documents as EPUB Files

Books displayed using iBooks, Nook devices, Kobo readers, or Sony eReaders all use the EPUB file format. Books displayed on the Kindle begin as e-pub files but undergo an additional conversion process [more…]

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