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How to Create Collapsible Panels with jQuery in Dreamweaver

The jQuery UI accordion widget in Dreamweaver makes it easy to add collapsible panels that site visitors can open and close without refreshing the web page. This jQuery feature enables you to make better [more…]

How to Create Tabbed Panels with jQuery in Dreamweaver

The jQuery UI Tab option in Dreamweaver makes it easy to add a series of panels that display or hide content corresponding to a series of tabs. Similar to the collapsible panels, this jQuery UI feature [more…]

How to Use Dreamweaver’s jQuery Mobile Widgets

The Insert menu in Dreamweaver includes a collection of jQuery mobile widgets you can use to create form elements and other features commonly used in mobile web apps. For example, you can use the jQuery [more…]

How to Use YouTube, Vimeo, and Other Online Services to Host Videos in Dreamweaver

Designers who are just beginning to use Dreamweaver to integrate multimedia into their creations should simplify by using one of the popular video-hosting sites, such as YouTube or Vimeo. These hosting [more…]

How to Use SoundCloud to Host Audio Files in Dreamweaver

The web startup SoundCloud has figured out a way to defeat the pirates, allowing site owners a free and easy way to share their Dreamweaver creations. The site includes tools that allow your friends or [more…]

How to Insert Flash SWF Files in Dreamweaver

Flash files, often called Flash movies, use the .swf extension and can include animations, graphics, photos, and video. Thanks to Dreamweaver, these files are relatively easy to insert into a web page. [more…]

How to Use Adobe Edge Animate Files in Dreamweaver

Adobe Edge Animate is a software program you can use with the new Dreamweaver CC functions that allows designers who are familiar with the Flash interface to create animations and then export them as bundled [more…]

How to Link to Audio and Video Files in Dreamweaver

You can use Dreamweaver to link to an audio or a video file. Linking to a multimedia file is as easy as linking to any other file, as you see in the instructions that follow. [more…]

How to Insert Audio and Video Files in Dreamweaver

Although you can use Dreamweaver to insert video files directly into a web page, our best advice is to use one of the video-hosting services, such as YouTube or Vimeo. [more…]


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