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Adobe Edge Animate CC For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Adobe Edge Animate CC is a brand-new software tool that allows everyone from beginners to expert web designers to create animated web content. What separates Edge Animate from other animation tools [more…]

How to Add Custom jQuery Code to Adobe Edge Animate CC

If you can do it with jQuery, you can do it in Edge Animate. Take full advantage of the coding panels, APIs, and Adobe's forums to add custom code in Edge Animate to take your projects to the next level [more…]

How to Format Large Images in a Container in Adobe Edge Animate CC

You can use a container to keep smaller elements of one larger image together when you import a multiple-piece image into Edge Animate. But why break a large image into smaller pieces? [more…]

How to Format Rollover Images in Adobe Edge Animate CC

Create individual rollover effects for the different elements that make up your image in Edge Animate. This can make your image respond to contact by the user. You don't even need extra code to do this [more…]

How to Organize Templates in Adobe Edge Animate CC

Save your complicated projects as an Edge Animate template, especially if you plan to use a variation of the same project for a later project. Template files contain all the features, styles, images, folders [more…]

10 Reasons to Use Adobe Edge Animate CC

Adobe Edge Animate has been touted as a replacement for Adobe Flash. While that might be wishful thinking for those who are ready to move past the Flash era, it is still too early to make that call. However [more…]

7 Parts of the Adobe Edge Suite

Adobe announced its entire suite of Edge Animate tools and software and reaffirmed its commitment to providing the best services for creative artists, web designers, and animators. It also cranked up support [more…]

Quick Overview of Your Adobe Edge Animate CC Project Online

After pouring your blood, sweat, and tears going through the process of creating your animation, you most likely want to put it online so that the world can enjoy your magnificent creation. There are many [more…]

What is Adobe Edge Animate CC?

Take a look at the Adobe Creative Cloud and all the tools, services, apps, and software titles available; this includes Adobe Edge Animate CC. Adobe has fully embraced the cloud; now you can get the latest [more…]

Maintain Browser Compatibility with Adobe Edge Animate CC

Adobe Edge Animate CC works in all modern browsers — including the most recent versions of Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, and Internet Explorer 9. It also works on all tablets and smart phones that have [more…]

Quick Overview of an Edge Animate Composition

The process for creating an Edge Animate composition isn't too different from creating any other type of content. When starting, you should consider what, where, and how you want your animation to appear [more…]

Adobe Edge Animate CC and the Creative Cloud

Adobe has embraced the cloud in a big way. Over the past few years, the term “cloud” has become a popular buzzword among the digerati (the tech gurus and their disciples) to mean all the documents, software [more…]

Digging into the Code

Adobe Edge Animate CC makes the creation of animations possible for a range of users — from those who consider working with code a challenge to experienced developers and engineers who eat code for breakfast [more…]

Adobe Edge Animate CC: Stage

Building even a basic animation in Adobe Edge Animate CC involves using three primary tools: Stage, Timeline, and Drawing toolbar. The Stage is a live HTML window built directly into Edge Animate. [more…]

Adobe Timeline and Drawing Toolbar

Adobe Edge Animate CC is a powerful, flexible program for creating and publishing animations for the web. Two essential features of Adobe Edge Animate CC are the Timeline and familiar drawing tools. [more…]

Adobe Edge Animate CC: 6 Features That Interact and Adapt

Adobe Edge Animate CC is about much more than moving elements around the screen. You can use many of its features to create interactivity for your audience — and fine-tune many more to configure the software [more…]

How to Resize the Adobe Edge Animate Stage

The Stage is where you will place your elements, such as images, text, and drawn objects. The Stage is a live HTML window, which means that what you see on the screen, is what your audience sees when they [more…]

How to Work with Templates in Adobe Edge Animate

Templates were introduced in Edge Animate 2.0. This feature removes the necessity of reinventing the wheel every time you want to start a new composition. Sure, you could always start a new composition [more…]

Drawing Tools in Edge Animate

Adobe Edge Animate CC provides drawing tools so that you can create rectangles, rounded rectangles, and ellipses on the Stage — which then become elements that you can animate and add actions to. The same [more…]

Starting a New Composition

When you first open Adobe Edge Animate CC, you’re greeted with a very informative Welcome screen, as shown. The Welcome screen has many components to it, which are grouped into three different sections [more…]

How to Use Images and Text in Adobe Edge Animate

Adobe Edge Animate CC provides drawing tools so that you can create shapes on the Stage, which then become elements that you can animate and add actions to. The same is true for importing images and writing [more…]

Control the Edge Animate Timeline

The Timeline in Adobe Edge Animate is located at the bottom of the interface. It has Play controls such as Play, Rewind, Fast Forward, and Return to Last Play Position [more…]

Toggling the Timeline Modes

The Adobe Edge Animate CC Timeline is a crucial part of the software. The Timeline is where you determine when different actions take place and which elements are affected. You can find the Timeline at [more…]

Top Web Design Trends to Apply in Edge Animate

By using Adobe Edge Animate, you can create all of the design trends listed here. The web design trends presented here, for the most part, represent not only new coding techniques but also new ways for [more…]

10 Popular Uses of Edge Animate

Adobe Edge Animate CC has many more uses than just ten, but here are the top ten that immediately rise to the forefront. You may find some of them elementary, whereas others may evoke fresh ideas for things [more…]


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