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How to Scale Elements in Edge Animate

Scaling an element in Adobe Edge Animate means essentially that you can change the size of an element while keeping its proportions consistent if you want. You can: [more…]

How to Rotate Elements in Adobe Edge Animate

You can rotate elements in your Adobe Edge Animate composition, like the wheels of a car, which is different from making an element spin. Here, learn how to: [more…]

Set the Visibility of Elements

You can format and animate the visibility of an element — that is, whether the viewer can see an element on the Stage. Even if you turn Visibility off and you no longer see the element on the Stage, you [more…]

How to Configure Positioning and Sizing in Edge Animate

Adobe Edge Animate CC has no shortage of settings when it comes to positioning and sizing. Many of these features work best when nesting elements, so you want to understand how the Element panel works. [more…]

Global or Applied Settings in Adobe Edge Animate

Adobe Edge Animate CC has no shortage of settings when it comes to positioning and sizing. The Global and Applied settings don't modify any settings, instead, they provide a means to display the relative [more…]

Layout Presets in Adobe Edge Animate

Adobe Edge Animate CC conveniently provides Layoutpresets. You can select different Layout presets instead of configuring the settings yourself. There are different Layout presets depending on the type [more…]

Apply Color in Adobe Edge Animate

Adobe Edge Animate offers many, many formatting and animating options. You can easily use background color for elements and add a border to elements. You can even animate the background color to transition [more…]

Use the Color Graph in Adobe Edge Animate

You can choose a background color and border color in a couple of different spots in Adobe Edge Animate CC, as shown in this figure. You can set the background and border color from either up near the [more…]

Adobe Edge Animate's Clipping Tool

Adobe Edge Animate CC features a Clipping tool, which you can find just under the main menu as shown in this figure. Clipping is an animation effect used to unveil or veil an onscreen element; you can [more…]

Edge Animate's Properties Panel

You can use the Clip feature in animations to reveal or hide parts of an element; you have two ways to do it. In addition to the Clipping tool, Adobe Edge Animate CC features a Clip section in the Properties [more…]

Use HTML Tags in Edge Animate CC

Using HTML tags for your text in your Edge Animate projects can help with search engine optimization (SEO) and browser parsing so people can find your animation online more easily. [more…]

Edge Animate Projects on Internet Explorer 8 and Older Browsers

Internet Explorer 8 still has a strong hold on Internet usage. Therefore, it’s in your best interest to create web content with Edge Animate that all Internet users can see. There’s nothing worse for a [more…]

Animate Text in Edge Animate CC

Now, before you get carried away with the idea of animating your text in Adobe Edge Animate CC, keep in mind that you can animate some text properties but not others. To give you a sense of which is which [more…]

Other Animation Effects in Edge Animate

There are different attributes and properties for using text boxes in your animation in Edge Animate CC. Sometimes you may want to use text to convey a message. In Edge Animate, you can format and animate [more…]

Manage Stage Actions in Adobe Edge Animate

Here is how to use actions for the Stage from the Elements panel in Adobe Edge Animate. The Elements panel is located in the top-right corner of the screen. You can do a number of things from the Elements [more…]

Position Images in Adobe Edge Animate

The Library panel is a great place to view all of your assets, or images, in one spot. You can use the Library panel in association with images in the following ways: [more…]

Understand the Files Edge Animate Creates

When you save your Adobe Edge Animate CC project, the software creates several different files and folders. In addition to a special folder for your images, Edge Animate creates an [more…]

Adobe Creative Cloud: Common Menus

When you work with applications in Adobe Creative Cloud, you’ll notice that many of the menus on the main menu bar are the same. Similar functionality makes finding important features easy, even when you’re [more…]

How to Use Dialog Boxes in Adobe Creative Cloud

A dialog box in Adobe Creative Cloud is a window that appears when certain menu items are selected. It offers additional options in the form of drop-down lists, panes, text fields, option buttons, check [more…]

About Contextual Menus in Adobe Creative Cloud

The contextual menu in Adobe Creative Cloud is an incredibly useful, quick way to make selections or issue commands, and it’s available in all kinds of applications. Contextual menus include some of the [more…]

Adobe Creative Cloud's Synchronized Workspace

One thing you immediately notice when opening applications in Adobe Creative Cloud is the synchronized workspace. All the applications look similar and have the same set of features to help you organize [more…]

Change Your Preferences in Adobe Creative Cloud

Setting your preferences in Adobe CC is important when you’re working with new software. Understanding what your preferences can do for you gives you a good idea about what the software does. All applications [more…]

Common Extensions and Filters for Adobe Creative Cloud

Extensions are sometimes used for similar tasks in several programs and are designed to enhance a program’s existing capabilities. Extensions and filters can also dramatically speed up the creative process [more…]

How to Use Filters and Plug-Ins in Adobe Creative Cloud

You can install plug-ins and filters in your Adobe Creative Cloud programs. For example, a filter can enhance an existing photo in an exciting way. After you install into Photoshop or Illustrator a plug-in [more…]

Export Your Adobe Creative Cloud Documents

Exporting content from Adobe Creative Cloud documents is important if you’re transferring content into other programs, placing the document where it’s publicly available and where it needs to be opened [more…]


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