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Adobe Creative Cloud

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Adobe Timeline and Drawing Toolbar

Adobe Edge Animate CC is a powerful, flexible program for creating and publishing animations for the web. Two essential features of Adobe Edge Animate CC are the Timeline and familiar drawing tools. [more…]

Adobe Edge Animate CC: 6 Features That Interact and Adapt

Adobe Edge Animate CC is about much more than moving elements around the screen. You can use many of its features to create interactivity for your audience — and fine-tune many more to configure the software [more…]

How to Resize the Adobe Edge Animate Stage

The Stage is where you will place your elements, such as images, text, and drawn objects. The Stage is a live HTML window, which means that what you see on the screen, is what your audience sees when they [more…]

How to Work with Templates in Adobe Edge Animate

Templates were introduced in Edge Animate 2.0. This feature removes the necessity of reinventing the wheel every time you want to start a new composition. Sure, you could always start a new composition [more…]

Drawing Tools in Edge Animate

Adobe Edge Animate CC provides drawing tools so that you can create rectangles, rounded rectangles, and ellipses on the Stage — which then become elements that you can animate and add actions to. The same [more…]

Starting a New Composition

When you first open Adobe Edge Animate CC, you’re greeted with a very informative Welcome screen, as shown. The Welcome screen has many components to it, which are grouped into three different sections [more…]

How to Use Images and Text in Adobe Edge Animate

Adobe Edge Animate CC provides drawing tools so that you can create shapes on the Stage, which then become elements that you can animate and add actions to. The same is true for importing images and writing [more…]

Control the Edge Animate Timeline

The Timeline in Adobe Edge Animate is located at the bottom of the interface. It has Play controls such as Play, Rewind, Fast Forward, and Return to Last Play Position [more…]

Toggling the Timeline Modes

The Adobe Edge Animate CC Timeline is a crucial part of the software. The Timeline is where you determine when different actions take place and which elements are affected. You can find the Timeline at [more…]

Top Web Design Trends to Apply in Edge Animate

By using Adobe Edge Animate, you can create all of the design trends listed here. The web design trends presented here, for the most part, represent not only new coding techniques but also new ways for [more…]

10 Popular Uses of Edge Animate

Adobe Edge Animate CC has many more uses than just ten, but here are the top ten that immediately rise to the forefront. You may find some of them elementary, whereas others may evoke fresh ideas for things [more…]

Work with Keyframes and Animation Sequences in Edge Animate

Get a handle on working with keyframes and animation sequences in Adobe Edge Animate and then you can create them and edit them to do what you want. Here learn how to do the following: [more…]

Keyframes Modes in Edge Animate

Keyframe tools in Edge Animate are to the right of the Play controls. To create keyframes automatically, you must first activate keyframes by clicking the red Stopwatch icon. By default, when you first [more…]

How to Import HTML into Adobe Edge Animate

Adobe Edge Animate CC is very HTML-friendly. If you have an existing — albeit a very basic — HTML web page that you want to animate, then just click Open File from the Welcome screen to start working with [more…]

How to Create Sequences in Edge Animate

It’s important to get a handle on working with keyframes and animation sequences in Adobe Edge Animate so you can create them and edit them to do what you want. Go over all the parts of Edge Animate that [more…]

Details of the Edge Animate Timeline and Stage Controls

Edge Animate offers many ways to configure the Timeline and Stage; you can adjust them to your own liking. This includes an easy way to center the Stage, magnify the Stage, filter elements, and turn Timeline [more…]

Auto-Transition Mode in Adobe Edge Animate

By turning Auto-Transition mode on or off in Adobe Edge Animate, you toggle the capability to create smooth transitions between keyframes. Transitions are the animations that you create to show [more…]

How to Add Triggers to the Edge Animate Stage

Adobe Edge Animate CC enables you to add Stage triggers— essentially commands that control how the animation plays. To add Stage triggers, you have to perform a number of steps in a certain order. The [more…]

Insert Element Actions in Edge Animate

Adding actions to an element in Adobe Edge Animate is similar to adding a trigger to the Stage. Two main differences exist between a Stage trigger and an [more…]

How to Add Actions to Elements in Edge Animate

One especially powerful feature of Adobe Edge Animate CC is the capability to add actions, triggers, labels, and cursor attributes to your composition. These tools are what you use to make your animation [more…]

Add Cursor Attributes in Edge Animate

When you place interactive elements into the Edge Animate Timeline, it’s a good idea to change the cursor attribute to provide a visual clue to your audience. Knowing that an element is [more…]

Click and Drag the Edge Animate Panels

The Adobe Edge Animate interface consists of a main menu along the top and a series of panels and frames border the Stage. The panels contain the buttons, toggles, and switches that enable you to design [more…]

The Adobe Edge Animate Properties Panel

The Edge Animate Properties panel (found along the left column) constantly updates itself depending on which type of element is selected. If you select a drawn element such as a rectangle, Edge Animate [more…]

Consistent Properties for All Elements in Edge Animate

The Adobe Edge Animate Properties panel appears in the left column of the default view of the interface. This is where you can configure, toggle, set, animate, etc. all of your different elements, including [more…]

How to Skew Elements in Adobe Edge Animate

You can the Adobe Edge Animate Properties panel to create three of the same animation effects that you create with the Transform tool: [more…]

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