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How to Format Large Images in a Container in Adobe Edge Animate CC

You can use a container to keep smaller elements of one larger image together when you import a multiple-piece image into Edge Animate. But why break a large image into smaller pieces? [more…]

How to Format Rollover Images in Adobe Edge Animate CC

Create individual rollover effects for the different elements that make up your image in Edge Animate. This can make your image respond to contact by the user. You don't even need extra code to do this [more…]

How to Organize Templates in Adobe Edge Animate CC

Save your complicated projects as an Edge Animate template, especially if you plan to use a variation of the same project for a later project. Template files contain all the features, styles, images, folders [more…]

10 Reasons to Use Adobe Edge Animate CC

Adobe Edge Animate has been touted as a replacement for Adobe Flash. While that might be wishful thinking for those who are ready to move past the Flash era, it is still too early to make that call. However [more…]

10 Resources You May Need to Finish Your Dreamweaver Site

Although Dreamweaver is a wonderful tool for creating websites, it can’t do everything you need to put a site online. For example, you can’t register a domain name using Dreamweaver and you can't create [more…]

7 Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Dreamweaver Site

What if you build a Dreamweaver website and nobody comes? Unfortunately, that problem is all too common. Driving large amounts of traffic to the pages of a site often requires an investment of time, a [more…]

3 Ways to Promote Your Dreamweaver Site with Social Sites

How do you get people to visit your Dreamweaver site? This is a common problem. Improve your odds and save your budget with these social media tips, which are designed to help you attract the right visitors [more…]

How to Set Up a New or Existing Site in Dreamweaver

To set up a site in Dreamweaver, you need to store all your site's resources in one main folder or directory on your hard drive. Dreamweaver calls this folder the [more…]

How to Manage Sites in Dreamweaver

After you complete the site setup process, you can make any changes and additions to the site setup by choosing Site→Manage Sites to open the Manage Sites dialog box. [more…]

How to Create an HTML Page with Dreamweaver’s New Document Window

You can create a new HTML page by using Dreamweaver’s New Document window, which offers more options than the Welcome screen, including access to any templates you’ve created with Dreamweaver as well as [more…]

How to Name New Page Files in Dreamweaver

Don’t turn into a panicked web designer because of broken links caused by Dreamweaver filename conflicts. These problems usually don’t occur until after a website is published on a server, so they can [more…]

How to Change Background and Text Colors in Dreamweaver

In Dreamweaver, you can change the background and the text colors available from the Appearance categories. Note that the CSS options are recommended over HTML options. When you use the Appearance [more…]

How to Change Link Styles with Page Properties in Dreamweaver

If you’re like many designers who use Dreamweaver, you probably don’t like the underline that automatically appears under all the linked text in a web page. It’s really easy to remove that underline and [more…]

How to Add and Format Text in Dreamweaver

Many people are pleasantly surprised by how easily they can create a basic web page with text and images in Dreamweaver. You can do basic text formatting by using Dreamweaver’s HTML formatting options, [more…]

How to Link Pages within Your Website in Dreamweaver

Dreamweaver makes linking from one page to another page in your website easy. Just make sure to save your pages in your local site folder before you start setting links. [more…]

How to Set Links to Many Pages at the Same Time in Dreamweaver

After you become used to setting links in Dreamweaver, here’s a really helpful shortcut that is especially useful if you're setting many links to many pages at the same time: [more…]

How to Link to Another Website in Dreamweaver

To link to a page on another website in Dreamweaver — sometimes called an external link — all you need is the URL of the page to which you want to link, and you’re most of the way there. [more…]

How to Set a Link to an E-Mail Address or PDF in Dreamweaver

Dreamweaver allows you to set links to pretty much anything you want. As you get a little farther along with your site, you may want to link to an e-mail address or PDF files to give your visitors more [more…]

How to Add Meta Tags for Search Engines in Dreamweaver

In Dreamweaver you find features that help you add meta tags for keywords and descriptions. If you've heard of meta tags, you probably associate them with search engines, and you'd be right. Meta tags [more…]

How to Add Images to Your Website in Dreamweaver

Adding an image to your web page may seem almost magical at first because the process is so simple with Dreamweaver. The challenge with web graphics isn’t adding them to your pages but creating good-looking [more…]

How to Crop an Image in Dreamweaver

Essentially, cropping an image involves trimming its edges. If you’re trying to fit an image into your design, Dreamweaver’s cropping tool can come in handy. To crop a graphic or photo, open the page that [more…]

How to Adjust Image Brightness and Contrast in Dreamweaver

Dreamweaver provides you with tools to make image adjustments, including the brightness and contrast. Adjusting an image's brightness allows you to change the overall amount of light in an image. [more…]

How to Sharpen an Image in Dreamweaver

Before adding an image to your site in Dreamweaver, it’s always a good idea to use the sharpen function first. When you apply sharpening to an image, you increase the distinction between areas of color [more…]

How to Open an Image in Photoshop or Fireworks from Dreamweaver

The Property inspector includes an icon that enables you to easily open an image in Photoshop or Fireworks from Dreamweaver. The Edit icon changes to the icon of the program specified in Dreamweaver’s [more…]

How to Insert a Background Image in Dreamweaver

Background images can add depth and richness to a Dreamweaver page design. Used cleverly, a background image that downloads quickly and efficiently helps create the illusion that the entire page is one [more…]


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