Making Accessibility Settings for Seniors

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For Seniors: How to Modify How Your Computer Keyboard Works

If your hands are stiff with age or you have carpal tunnel problems, you may want to consider modifying how your computer keyboard works. You can turn on features that let you control your mouse through [more…]

For Seniors: How to Use Your Computer’s On-Screen Keyboard Feature

Clicking keys with your mouse may be easier for some people than using a regular keyboard. If you fall into that group, then you’ll want to use your computer’s on-screen keyboard feature. [more…]

For Seniors: How to Change Your Computer Mouse Settings

If you have arthritis or carpal tunnel, using your computer mouse may cause pain. Fortunately, you can change your settings to make your computer mouse behave how you want. To avoid having to click your [more…]

For Seniors: How to Optimize Your Computer Screen for Visibility

If you have visual challenges, you can customize Windows to fit your needs. You can set up Windows to use higher screen contrast to make things easier to see, read descriptions to you rather than make [more…]

For Seniors: How to Replace Sounds on Your Computer with Visual Cues

Sometimes Windows alerts you to events with sounds. If you have hearing challenges, you may prefer that your computer give you visual cues instead of sound cues. Visual cues are useful if you are hard [more…]

For Seniors: How to Set Up Speech Recognition on Your Computer

If you have dexterity challenges from a condition such as arthritis, you may prefer to speak commands, using a technology called speech recognition, rather than type them. All you need to do is attach [more…]

How to Set Up Speech Recognition in Windows 10 on Your New Computer

Windows depends on you to make settings that customize its behavior on your computer. This is good news for you because the ability to customize Windows gives you a lot of flexibility in how you interact [more…]

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