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Windows 8

What’s New in Windows 8.1?

You've heard the buzz about Windows 8.1, but you're probably wondering what's really changed. Actually, there are quite a few changes between Windows 8 and Windows 8.1; following are eight of the most significant changes. [more…]

Windows 8

How to Install the Windows 8.1 Preview

Are you ready to try out the latest and greatest version of Windows? If so, the Windows 8.1 preview may be for you. You can download and install the Windows 8.1 preview on your PC by following these steps. [more…]

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6 Excel Data Analysis Add-in Tools

The Data Analysis add-in, formerly known as the Analysis ToolPak, relieves you from having to enter formulas into Excel to figure out what’s going on with your data. It has three different tools that are [more…]


4 Excel Forecasting Functions

Excel has many great tools for sales forecasting. Knowing the following functions is helpful to get your data in order. Check out the following handy forecasting functions. [more…]


Setting Up Your Sales Forecasting Baseline in Excel

It is a good idea to set up your sales forecasting baseline in Excel. This table gives you instructions for dealing with issues that might arise as you set up your Excel baseline: [more…]


What You Get Out of the Excel LINEST Function for Sales Forecasting

Excel’s LINEST function is a handy tool for sales forecasting. Knowing what you can do with it will make your forecasting endeavors easy work. Here is a quick rundown on Excel’s LINEST function, row by [more…]


Excel Sales Forecasting For Dummies Cheat Sheet

When you start to learn forecasting, it’s often a good idea to lean on the Excel tools in the Data Analysis add-in. But their reach is pretty limited and before too long you’re likely to find yourself [more…]