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Sage Timeslips For Dummies Cheat Sheet

If you run a business that bills for its time, Sage Timeslips is the key to tracking your time and increasing profitability. Learn to work more efficiently in Sage Timeslips by touring the Slip Entry window [more…]

Electronic Billing in Sage Timeslips

Some companies — primarily attorneys who work with insurance companies — must submit to audit firms electronic bills for services rendered. By using the Sage Timeslips Electronic Billing add-on, which [more…]

10 Useful Keyboard Shortcuts in Sage Timeslips

Keyboard shortcuts can be seriously powerful time-savers in Sage Timeslips. Start or save a slip, insert the date for yesterday, today, or tomorrow in a Date field, and turn timers on and off with one [more…]

Establishing Printer Options in Sage Timeslips

When printing any report in Sage Timeslips, you can set options that control how your printer behaves. And you set these options on a report-by-report basis, so that the options you set for one report [more…]

Encountering a BDE Error in Sage Timeslips

When you open Sage Timeslips or a different database, you might see an error message that indicates that the BDE (Borland Database Engine) Settings on the workstation are too low. To correct this error [more…]

Using Replacement Slips in Sage Timeslips

All Sage Timeslips billing arrangements display slips on bills, providing a great deal of detail on the bill (see the following figure). In some cases, you might not want to display such detail. In that [more…]

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