Getting Started with QuickBooks 2014

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How to Change User Rights in QuickBooks Premier

You can modify the rights that you assign to a user in QuickBooks Premier. To do this, choose Company→Set Up Users and Passwords→Set Up Users to display the User List dialog box. [more…]

How to Use Audit Trails in QuickBooks

If you decide to allow multiple users access to the QuickBooks data file, you’ll appreciate the QuickBooks Audit Trail feature, which keeps a record of who makes what changes to the QuickBooks data file [more…]

How to Maintain Good Accounting Controls with QuickBooks

QuickBooks allows multiple users. Many businesses, after they grow to a certain size, need to support multiple users with access to accounting information and the capability, in some cases, to create accounting [more…]

What Happens When You Condense the QuickBooks Company File

The QuickBooks file condense process does two things: The QuickBooks Condense command creates a permanent copy of the QuickBooks data file (called an archival copy of the file); the file condense process [more…]

Cleanup and Archiving Strategies for QuickBooks

Deciding when and how you want to clean up or archive your QuickBooks company file is mostly a matter of common sense. Your first consideration should be whether you need to condense the company file at [more…]

Using the QuickBooks Help File

You have some problem that you can’t solve by using QuickBooks Help, and it’s either a bug or some glaring error in the QuickBooks documentation. In fact, upon further reflection, you may be thinking that [more…]

How to Get Product Support for QuickBooks

One really good resource for troubleshooting QuickBooks is Intuit’s product-support website for QuickBooks. Visit this website or choose the Help→Support command within QuickBooks. This website is a rich [more…]

Try an Internet Newsgroup for QuickBooks Help

If your problem with QuickBooks isn’t really a program bug or can’t be easily solved by finding out more about the program, you can sometimes find an answer by consulting other QuickBooks users. One of [more…]

How to Use the QuickBooks Register Window Commands and Buttons

The QuickBooks Register window provides several buttons and boxes to enable you to more easily work with the Register window and control the way it looks. [more…]


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