Accounts Receivable in QuickBook 2014

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Classes for Activity-Based Costing in QuickBooks 2014

After you turn on Class Tracking in QuickBooks, using classes is really straightforward. You set up classes for the product lines or service lines for which you want to measure profitability. You classify [more…]

How to Set Up a QuickBooks 2014 Job

Many businesses work on projects or jobs. To set up a QuickBooks job, choose the Customers→Customer Center command. QuickBooks displays the Customer Center window. [more…]

Track Job or Project Costs in QuickBooks 2014

After you set up a job in QuickBooks on the Customer:Job list, you track the income and expenses associated with the job. To do this, you enter the customer and job name [more…]

How to Use Job Estimates in QuickBooks 2014

If you’ve told QuickBooks that you want to create estimates — you may have done this during QuickBooks setup — you can create job estimates of amounts that you later invoice. [more…]

How to Make Bank Deposits with QuickBooks

QuickBooks, as a full-featured accounting program, supplies a command and window for recording bank deposits. To record bank deposits with QuickBooks 2014, follow these steps: [more…]

How to Transfer Money between Bank Accounts with QuickBooks

The QuickBooks Banking menu supplies a useful command for transferring money between bank accounts. To transfer money between accounts, you can choose the Banking→Transfer Funds command. When you do so [more…]


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