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Accounts Receivable in QuickBook 2013

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Classes for Activity-Based Costing in QuickBooks 2013

After you turn on Class Tracking in QuickBooks 2013, using classes is really straightforward. You set up classes for the product lines or service lines for which you want to measure profitability. You [more…]

How to Set Up a QuickBooks 2013 Job

Many businesses work on projects or jobs. Accounting may work a bit differently when a firm organizes its work into projects or jobs. To set up a QuickBooks 2013 job, choose the Customers→Customer Center [more…]

Track Job or Project Costs in QuickBooks 2013

After you set up a job on the Customer:Job drop-down list in QuickBooks 2013, you track the income and expenses associated with the job. To do this, you enter the customer and job name [more…]

How to Use Job Estimates in QuickBooks 2013

If you’ve told QuickBooks 2013 that you want to create estimates — you might have done this during the QuickBooks setup — you can create job estimates of amounts you later invoice. [more…]

Progress Billing and QuickBooks 2013

Progress billing occurs when you actually invoice, or bill, a customer for a portion of an amount that you’ve previously estimated. For example, take a peek at the QuickBooks 2013 Create Estimates window [more…]

Fixed-Charges Coverage Ratio in QuickBooks 2013

The fixed-charges coverage ratio is one of several leverage ratios can be used in QuickBooks 2013. The fixed-charges coverage ratio resembles the times interest earned ratio. The fixed-charges coverage [more…]

The Purpose of Economic Value Added Analysis

The purpose of EVA analysis is simple: You want to see whether you’re earning an economic profit by owning your own business. You can use the information that you create with QuickBooks 2013 to help with [more…]


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