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QuickBooks 2012

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The Purpose of Economic Value Added Analysis

The purpose of EVA analysis is simple: You want to see whether you’re earning an economic profit by owning your own business. You can use the information that you create with QuickBooks 2012 to help with [more…]

Use Economic Value Added Analysis When Your Business Has Debt

If a business can restructure its debt, bank loans, credit lines, mortgages, and so forth, borrowing can be used to boost EVA. You can use the information that you create with QuickBooks 2012 to help use [more…]

The Theory of Capital Budgeting and QuickBooks 2012

When working with QuickBooks 2012, it's helpful to understand the theory of capital budgeting. Capital budgeting boils down to the idea that you should look at capital investments [more…]

How to Calculate the Rate of Return on Capital

Calculating the rate of return on a capital investment is a little bit tricky, and you'll need more than QuickBooks 2012. In almost every case, you need either a financial calculator [more…]

How to Calculate the Investment Amount

The first step in calculating a return is estimating the amount that you need to invest. Note you will need more than QuickBooks 2012 to make this calculation. Your best bet is to use Microsoft Excel. [more…]

How to Estimate the Net Cash Flows

The process of estimating the net cash flows from the investment requires a bit more work than estimating the amount that you need to invest. Although you're working with QuickBooks 2012, you'll need the [more…]

How to Calculate the Return Measure

There are two basic ways that you can calculate a return by using Microsoft Excel. You cannot do this calculation by using QuickBooks 2012 alone. To calculate a rate of return with Microsoft Excel, you [more…]

How to Measure Liquidity

For many smaller businesses, liquidity is important. If you're working with QuickBooks 2012 in a small-business setting, you need to understand the importance of liquidity. You have only a limited number [more…]

Risk and QuickBooks 2012

Risk is an issue even with simple investments like bank CDs. But with capital investments, no government agency is looking out for your interest and picking up the pieces if things do a Humpty Dumpty and [more…]


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