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Vendor Menu Commands in QuickBooks 2012

When you're working with accounts payable in QuickBooks 2012, you frequently will use several of the commands on the Vendor menu. Some of the commands aren't so popular, however, but you still need to [more…]

Your Item List in QuickBooks 2012

QuickBooks 2012 provides a bunch of different ways to see the information that you’ve stored in your Item list. You may already know some of this stuff if you’ve worked with QuickBooks a bit. Some of it [more…]

How to Add Items to the Item List in QuickBooks 2012

You can add a bunch of different types of items to the Item list in QuickBooks 2012. Remember that the Item list stores descriptions of anything that you stick on an invoice or purchase order. [more…]

How to Add a Service Item to the Item List in QuickBooks 2012

You use service items in QuickBooks 2012 to purchase or bill for items that represent service. For example, a CPA prepares tax returns for individuals and businesses. When they bill a client for preparing [more…]

How to Add an Inventory Part to the Item List in QuickBooks 2012

Inventory parts are those items that appear on invoices and purchase orders and represent physical goods that you buy, hold, and sell. QuickBooks 2012 can help you track inventory parts. For example, if [more…]

How to Add a Non-Inventory Part to the Item List in QuickBooks 2012

To add a non-inventory part — which is a tangible good that you sell but for which you don’t track inventory — display the New Item window and select Non-Inventory Part in the Type drop-down list. When [more…]

How to Add an Other Charge Item to the Item List in QuickBooks 2012

You can use QuickBooks 2012 to set up and track other charge items. An other charge item is an item that you use to purchase or bill for things such as miscellaneous labor or services, materials that you [more…]

How to Add a Subtotal Item to the Item List in QuickBooks 2012

If your purchase order, sales receipt, or invoice includes a subtotal line item, you create a subtotal item in your Item list in QuickBooks 2012. To do this, display the New Item window and select Subtotal [more…]

Set Up Employees during QuickBooks 2012 Basic Payroll Setup

After you set up your company information for payroll in QuickBooks 2012, you’re ready to set up employees for payroll. As part of the Basic Payroll setup, QuickBooks displays a web page where you may [more…]

How to Pay Employees through QuickBooks 2012

After you go through the steps required to set up the QuickBooks 2012 payroll processing capability, paying employees — thank goodness — is pretty easy. To pay employees, follow these steps: [more…]

How to Edit and Void Paychecks in QuickBooks 2012

Be careful when you want to change payroll check information by editing or voiding paychecks in QuickBooks 2012. Payroll checks are a little trickier than regular checks because the information from the [more…]

QuickBooks 2012 Change Item Prices Command

QuickBooks 2012 provides a couple of handy commands and tools that you can use to change the prices that you charge customers for your products and services. The Change Item Prices command, which appears [more…]

How to Adjust Price Levels in QuickBooks 2012

Price levels in QuickBooks 2012 are kind of weird; they let you individually adjust the price of an item up or down. For example, if you’ve agreed to discount items by 10 percent for a certain customer [more…]

Track Inventory in Manufacturing Firms with QuickBooks 2012

Tracking inventory in a manufacturing firm, with the help of QuickBooks 2012 or not, is more difficult than in other types of businesses. When you boil down everything to its essence, the problem stems [more…]

Add Inventory Assembly Items in QuickBooks Premier

To account for the manufacture of inventory in QuickBooks Premier, you add inventory assembly items to the Item list for those items that you manufacture. To describe manufactured items, follow these steps [more…]

Record Manufacture or Assembly of Items in QuickBooks Premier

Besides adding inventory assembly items to the Item list in QuickBooks Premier, you also record the manufacture of items as you, well, manufacture them. To build some assembly, choose the Vendors→Inventory [more…]

How to Record and Print Checks in QuickBooks 2012

Obviously, any business writes checks — to pay bills and to pay employees. QuickBooks 2012 includes a command and a window specifically for the purpose of recording and possibly printing checks. [more…]

How to Customize the Check Form in QuickBooks 2012

When printing checks from within QuickBooks 2012, if you click the Fonts tab in the Print Checks dialog box, QuickBooks displays a couple of buttons you can click to specify what fonts QuickBooks should [more…]

How to Record Bank Deposits with QuickBooks 2012

QuickBooks 2012 also supplies a command and window for recording bank deposits. If you’ve used QuickBooks’ little brother product, Quicken, much of the information that you see here will be familiar. The [more…]

Transfer Money between Bank Accounts with QuickBooks 2012

The QuickBooks 2012 Banking menu supplies a useful command for transferring money between bank accounts. To transfer money between accounts, you can choose the Banking→Transfer Funds command. When you [more…]

Record Register Transactions in QuickBooks 2012

You can record checks, deposits, and account transfers by using the QuickBooks 2012 Register window. The Register window looks like the regular paper register that you use to keep track of transactions [more…]

QuickBooks 2012 Register Window Commands and Buttons

The Register window in QuickBooks 2012 provides several buttons and boxes to enable you to more easily work with the Register window and control the way it looks. [more…]

The QuickBooks 2012 Edit Menu Commands

The Edit menu in QuickBooks 2012 provides several useful commands for entering new transactions, editing existing transactions, and for reusing transaction information. Following are brief descriptions [more…]

The Find Command on the QuickBooks 2012 Edit Menu

The Find command on the Edit menu in QuickBooks 2012 displays either the Simple tab of the Find window, or the Advanced tab of the Find window. Both tabs allow you to search through your register and find [more…]

Reconcile a Bank Account in QuickBooks 2012

You can reconcile a bank account with surprising speed in QuickBooks 2012. To reconcile the bank account, choose the Banking→Reconcile command. QuickBooks displays the Begin Reconciliation dialog box. [more…]

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