Accounts Receivable in Quickbooks 2011

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How to Customize an Invoice Form in QuickBooks 2011

QuickBooks 2011 lets you choose the invoice form that best matches your business. To choose an invoice form in QuickBooks, choose Customers→Create Invoices. When QuickBooks displays the Create Invoices [more…]

How to Invoice a Customer with QuickBooks 2011

To invoice a customer in Quickbooks 2011, use the Create Invoices window to identify the customer and specify the amount they owe. To display the Create Invoices window, choose Customers→Create Invoices [more…]

How to Bill for Time with QuickBooks 2011

If you use QuickBooks 2011 with a service business, you might sell more units of time than you do material items. For example, a lawyer may sell hours or partial hours of legal advice. QuickBooks supplies [more…]

How to Print and E-mail Invoices in QuickBooks 2011

After you've created your invoices, QuickBooks 2011 gives you more than one way to send them out. If your clients accept e-mailed invoices, QuickBooks can send them to the appropriate contact over your [more…]

How to Record a Sales Receipt in QuickBooks 2011

To bill a customer in QuickBooks, you create an invoice. To record the fact that you sold the customer some item — presumably this is because the customer simultaneously purchases and pays for the item [more…]

How to Record Credit Memos with QuickBooks 2011

In QuickBooks 2011, you can create credit memos to show when a customer no longer owes you money or when you owe a customer money. Credit memos may occur because your customer returns items that you previously [more…]

How to Receive Customer Payments with QuickBooks 2011

When a customer pays an invoice that you have previously sent in the mail or through QuickBooks 2011, you choose Customers→Receive Payments in QuickBooks to record the payment. Choose the command and then [more…]

How to Assess Finance Charges in QuickBooks 2011

You can tell QuickBooks 2011 to assess finance charges on overdue customer invoices. To do this, you first set up the finance charge calculation rules. After you've done this, you can easily assess finance [more…]

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