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How to Use Job Estimates in QuickBooks 2010

If you’ve told QuickBooks 2010 that you want to create estimates — which you do during the QuickBooks setup — you can create job estimates of amounts you later invoice. [more…]

How to Set Up a Basic Payroll in QuickBooks 2010

To set up do-it-yourself payroll in QuickBooks 2010, you step through a Web-based interview. With QuickBooks' Basic Payroll option, you do the work. You need to understand federal and state payroll tax [more…]

How to Create a Purchase Order in QuickBooks 2010

You can use QuickBooks to create a purchase order for your business. A purchase order tells a vendor that you want to purchase some item. In fact, a purchase order is a contract to purchase. [more…]

How to Record the Receipt of Items in QuickBooks 2010

When you receive items from a vendor, you can record the receipt in QuickBooks 2010. You typically record the receipt of an item before you receive a bill for the item. [more…]

How to Pay Employees through QuickBooks 2010

QuickBooks 2010 gives you the ability to pay your employees. After you go through the steps required to set up the QuickBooks payroll processing capability, paying employees is pretty easy. [more…]

How to Review QuickBooks 2010's Accountant & Taxes Reports

Use QuickBooks 2010's Accountant & Taxes menu to organize your account information in a variety of reports. The Accountant & Taxes menu appears when you choose Reports→Accountant & Taxes. Hidden on this [more…]

How to Transfer Money between Bank Accounts with QuickBooks 2010

QuickBooks 2010's Banking menu supplies a useful command for transferring money between bank accounts, named (unsurprisingly) Transfer Funds. This command opens a dialog box that allows you transfer money [more…]


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