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How to Leverage LinkedIn with Marketing Automation

LinkedIn is a very powerful social media channel for most businesses. If you run marketing for a B2B brand you can utilize marketing automation. For consumer packaged-goods brands and other non-B2B companies [more…]

How to Build Marketing Automation Programs to Connect to Facebook

Business-to-customer (B2C) brands tend to understand the value of Facebook, but convincing business-to-business (B2B) brands of Facebook’s power is very difficult. If you can use marketing automation to [more…]

How to Integrate Marketing Automation Video into Social Media

Video is a massive social media tool, especially when combined with marketing automation integration principles. It can be used on any medium. If you are not doing video now, you should be. Videos are [more…]

Basics of Event Registration Creation and Lead Increases through Marketing Automation

Marketing automation can lend a hand in advertising and managing your event. You can market offline events without marketing automation; however, you’ll have a harder time keeping up with registrants, [more…]

How to Utilize Marketing Automation to Stay Relevant After an Event

Your event is only one part of your marketing automation campaign. If your event generates leads, you need to follow up with them. A typical event also has many more registrants than actually attendees [more…]

How to Build Marketing Automation Score Models

Scoring is a method of assigning numbers to one or more marketing automation actions or behaviors taken by a prospect or customer. With scoring, you can quantify varying levels of engagement with your [more…]

How to Identify Key Actions for Marketing Automation Scores

Not all actions should be measured and scored. Keeping your processes and marketing automations as simple as possible makes your application much easier to manage. Lead scoring is supposed to clue you [more…]

How to Monitor Marketing Automation Score Models

Marketing automation scoring models are living and constantly changing. If you set up scoring once and never touch it again, the results will be only as good as your first guess. So, you should plan a [more…]

How to Set Up Your First Marketing Qualified Lead Report with Marketing Automation Tools

Your Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL) report is easy to set up in your marketing automation tool. The ways to do this differ according to your tool. Some tools have prebuilt MQL reports that automatically [more…]

How to Score Social Media Interactions with Marketing Automation

Proving return on investment (ROI) on social media campaigns can be difficult. That is, it’s difficult until you have marketing automation and it becomes very easy to see who interacts and where in the [more…]

How to Implement Sales Qualified Lead Reports

In marketing automation, Sales Qualified Leads (SQLs) are Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs) that the sales team accepts. After an MQL becomes an SQL, it is out of the hands of the marketing team and all [more…]

How to Create Marketing Automation Lead Stages

One of the best uses of marketing automation is gauging future lead flow. Marketing automation can gauge future lead flow because it gives you visibility into your leads, telling you where they are and [more…]

How to Measure Velocity through Marketing Automation Stages

Measuring the velocity of a lead through the marketing automation stages is very important because each lead moves at a different pace. Understanding the group average makes it easy to predict with a great [more…]

How to Evaluate Your Marketing Automation Cold Lead Nurture Campaign

Evaluating your marketing automation cold lead nurturing campaign can be very easy or very complicated, depending on what you’re looking for. It is suggested that you keep things easy at the beginning [more…]

How to Keep Up with Marketing-Sourced Marketing Automation Opportunities

Marketing-sourced opportunities (MSOs) are opportunities that marketing can prove are 100 percent generated by marketing efforts, including marketing automation. In other words, MSOs would not have happened [more…]

How to Maximize Trade Show Effectiveness with Marketing Automation

Trade shows are one thing many businesses have in common. Luckily, marketing automation can help solve the following issues associated with trade shows. People stop by your booth, get some data sheets, [more…]

Basic Benefits of Split Tests in Marketing Automation

Split testing, also known as A/B testing as well as multivariate testing, means to conduct a test in marketing automation by holding a factor constant and testing different outcomes from various scenarios [more…]

How to Compare Marketing Automation Forms, Content, and Landing Pages with Split Tests

When considering how to improve your conversion rate on a landing page, marketing automation’s split testing can easily show you the way. A landing page usually consists of the landing page itself, a form [more…]

How to Begin with Marketing Automation ROI Reports

Most marketing automation tools have built-in return on investment (ROI) reporting for the majority of your marketing campaigns. You want to keep a few things in mind when setting up your ROI reporting [more…]

3 Levels to Track Twitter Engagements with Marketing Automation

Tracking Twitter engagements as part of your marketing automation can be very helpful in tracking the effectiveness of your Twitter marketing efforts. Here are a few ways to specifically track engagements [more…]

How to Use Multiple Marketing Automation Channels to Promote an Event

In 1950, only five marketing channels existed: word of mouth, direct mail, print, television, and radio. Now, there are more marketing channels utilizing marketing automation, including webinars, virtual [more…]

How to Audit Your Marketing Automation Performance for Improved Results

Auditing is a key to improving any process. Auditing marketing automation programs can be eye opening. A simple audit can show you whether your scoring model is correct, your nurturing program has become [more…]

How to Add and Parse URL Parameters with Marketing Automation

Some marketing automation tools include URL parameters to allow for custom information to be passed via a URL. The main reason you need this feature is to have multiple URLs pointing to a single location [more…]

How to Utilize Marketing Automation to See the Influence of a Campaign on a Lead

Even when you use marketing automation tools, determining what makes a lead take a specific action is, honestly, a fool’s errand because it assumes that a lead exists in a vacuum and the only factor in [more…]

How to Use Marketing Automation to Find Your Hottest Leads First

The moment you get into marketing automation, your scenario is as follows: You have a database, but you do not know who is sales ready and who is not. Making this determination is the first thing you should [more…]

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