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Basic Types of Segmentation for Marketing Automation

Segmentations tend to be dynamic when using marketing automation. However, there are actually three main types of segmentations. Knowing your goal for each list helps you to determine how to craft your [more…]

How to Use Segmentation in Marketing Automation

Every marketing campaign, even automated ones, should be relevant to the person you’re targeting. The good news is that targeting your message through segmentation is the fastest way to be relevant. That’s [more…]

How to Create Personas for Marketing Integration Personalization

A persona is a very effective way to segment your database. Personas are used to make sure your messages are as relevant as they can possibly be. Personas can be interest based as well as demographic based [more…]

How to Use Personas for Marketing Automation

Personas can be a great way to segment your database for effective automated marketing. One person can easily have multiple personas. For example, a lead who is a VP can also be a decision maker and a [more…]

Basics of If-Then Statements for Advanced Segmentation in Marketing Automation

An if-then statement is an advanced rule that you can use for marketing automation to segment your database based on a true or false condition. For example, you can program your software to look at data [more…]

How to Work with Sales to Define CRM System Fields for Automated Marketing

The main objective of connecting your marketing automation tool to your customer relationship management (CRM) system is to allow data to flow freely back and forth between sales and marketing. Identifying [more…]

How to Create Better Communication through Marketing Automation Definitions

If you have a problem with communication between marketing and sales, it’s usually a mismatch in definitions. Marketing automation gives you the ability to merge these definitions for a more cohesive team [more…]

How to Identify Important Data Points in Marketing Automation

Engaging sales to create common definitions for all aspects of the lead life cycle is key to a successful marketing automation integration. Engaging with sales to have sales staff help create the following [more…]

How a Marketing Automation Team Should Collaborate with a Sales Team

With marketing automation, you can run many types of sales support campaigns, but you should never run one without collaborating with sales in the following ways: [more…]

How to Solicit Marketing Automation Content Suggestions from Sales

Your salespeople may have a lot of good ideas that you can use in your automated marketing. Remember that they are on the front lines; they get a lot of information and generally keep their ears pretty [more…]

How to Copy the Best Salespeople to Create Great Automated Marketing Content

Because any email communication you will be sending in an automated sales support marketing campaign will appear to come from a salesperson, you need to make sure that they look as though they came from [more…]

How to Build Automated Marketing Campaigns for Cold Sales Leads

The first automated marketing campaign you should build for sales after turning on sales enablement should be designed to catch and nurture the leads that sales can’t reach through the selling process. [more…]

How to Use Marketing Automation Lead Assignments to Drive Leads to the Sales Team

In automated marketing, lead assignment rules allow you to pass sales-ready leads to sales in real time. You should be thinking about when to pass on a lead, and how to do so. Here are the most common [more…]

How to Impact Sales with Lead Notifications through Marketing Automation

In marketing automation, you can generate important information for the sales team. Salespeople love to have data on their prospects and they love to be notified when prospect data changes. The more data [more…]

How to Blog for Automated Marketing

Blogging is usually the first type of content most companies create. It is low cost, low effort to create, and it’s effective. Blogging online is easy, but it’s a difficult way to drive traffic in the [more…]

Basics of Content Creation for Automated Marketing

To maximize the use of your marketing automation tool, first you must understand people and their relationship to content. Automation is great only if you are sending the correct content to the correct [more…]

How to Create Automated Marketing Content for Lead Nurturing

The number-one complaint from people getting started with marketing automation is that they don’t have enough time to create content. This is also the number-one reason that companies delay their adoption [more…]

How to Host Content in a Marketing Automation Tool

Your marketing automation tool has a content repository, which is where you can upload content. The purpose of hosting your content here is to track it. When you host your content in your marketing automation [more…]

How to Use Webinars for Marketing Automation

Along with all forms of video, webinars have become one of marketers’ greatest lead-generation tools. If you have been on the hosting side of a webinar, you can understand the difficulties of trying to [more…]

How to Use Video for Marketing Automation

Webinars are performed live and then hosted later on to continue to drive engagement. Video is an extremely powerful tool when combined with marketing automation. Automation allows you to capture email [more…]

How to Publish Forms for Marketing Automation

After your marketing automation system is loaded with a full database, your email templates, and your content, you should build your first form and publish your form to your website or a landing page. [more…]

How to Score Marketing Automation Form Behavior

Scoring your forms depends on the marketing automation form’s role, the actions taken, and the questions you ask on the form. Here are several good ways to score forms that your prospects fill out: [more…]

How to Implement Marketing Qualified Lead Reports

Marketing-qualified leads (MQLs) are leads that meet the basic requirements to leave marketing’s hands and be passed to sales. Marketing automation uses the term MQL frequently. Most leads that come in [more…]

How to Assess Your Marketing Automation White Paper Campaign

You can use a very specific marketing automation report to evaluate smaller tactics and measure the specific impact so that you can improve the small tactical items for larger gains on the entire campaign [more…]

How to Integrate Direct Mail and Marketing Automation

Some people think that direct mail marketing doesn’t work. With marketing automation you create data to demonstrate how effective your direct mail marketing campaign is. You may agree that mass-blasting [more…]


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