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ACT! 2007 Shortcut Keys

Using keyboard shortcuts is one way you can quickly accomplish a variety of frequently used tasks in Act! 2007. Check out the following chart that lists the key combinations for popular shortcuts: [more…]

ACT! 2007 User Roles

After you’ve entered and organized customer information in ACT! 2007, you can decide how widely the information needs to be shared with employees. The following table illustrates the functions available [more…]

ACT! 2007 For Dummies Cheat Sheet

ACT! 2007 is a contact relationship manager (CRM) software. If you're using ACT! 2007 in your business, you'll appreciate these keyboard shortcuts for common tasks. After you organize your customer database [more…]

Comparing the SugarCRM Editions

SugarCRM has three editions: Community (free version of Sugar generally used by businesses with 1-10 users); Professional (generally used by larger organizations wanting additional [more…]

SugarCRM Modules Explained

The purpose of a Sugar CRM module is to add new information, access current information, and if needed, edit that information. Anywhere from 15-50 fields exist that contain information specific to that [more…]

Commonly Used SugarCRM Modules

By default, SugarCRM displays 12 modules (elements of the program) across the top of the screen as tabs. You can access the other modules by clicking the double right-pointing arrows on the right side [more…]

SugarCRM For Dummies Cheat Sheet

SugarCRM (customer relationship management) is a software solution for boosting your company's effectiveness in marketing, sales, and customer satisfaction. Learn the functions of Sugar modules and which [more…]

How to Gain Business Insights with Social CRM

Social CRM and the social business model are driven by customers interacting with your brand. As a brand representative, you help move the conversation forward. But how does a social business model work [more…]

Best Practices for Social Customer Service

Customer service is critical to the health of a company. Businesses that engage in social customer service reach customers on social platforms, dig for customer insights, and invest in and value customer [more…]

Recognizing the Benefits of Social CRM

Social CRM presents some pretty significant changes — organizationally, technically, and strategically — for companies, but it isn’t for nothing. Social CRM reflects changes in the business environment [more…]

Social CRM For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Moving from traditional customer relationship management to social CRM is a huge undertaking for your business. That’s because social CRM fundamentally changes the way your business interacts with customers [more…]

How to Encourage Sales Force Compliance with Social CRM

There are several challenges when businesses try to integrate social CRM and sales. The issue of compliance among their sales force is often mentioned. Compliance refers to the fact that some salespeople [more…]

Tools to Monitor Your Social CRM Reputation

The power of viral reminds you that your social reputations can be influenced by the smallest actions. To ensure your Social CRM is hitting the target, use online monitoring tools. These tools help you [more…]

Tools to Identify and Manage Relevant Social CRM Data

Information flows in many directions in Social CRM. It isn’t just companies shouting through a bullhorn to customers. Consumers engage brands on customer-preferred platforms, and then other customers, [more…]

Top Ten Social CRM Enterprise-Level Solutions

Before deciding which Social CRM to go with for your brand, you might want to check out the top ten enterprise-level solutions. One of these may be ideal for you. [more…]

Top Ten Social CRM Customer Service-Centric Solutions

Social CRM is a function of the customer experience. Whether customers typically call into a customer support line or complain on Twitter, a successful customer service model is needed in order for any [more…]

Top Ten Small Business Social CRM Vendors

CRM isn’t only for the big dogs. Small- to mid-size businesses can also use it to manage, track, and build relationships with customers. This includes the social media world where small businesses can [more…]

Top Ten Cross-Channel Social CRM Marketing Vendors

Cross-channel marketing vendors can help you manage every form of marketing within your company, from small to large. In addition to the actual CRM, CRM software packages can also help you control, manage [more…]

How to Link Records Using the GoldMine Referrals Tab

The Referrals tab on the GoldMine 8 main screen enables you to link one record to another or one record to many others. GoldMine's Referrals tab is relational, [more…]

How to Move Tabs in GoldMine

GoldMine 8 CRM software comes with 18 defined tabs, and you'll use some more than others. Rearrange GoldMine tabs by moving them up or down, in order of preference, importance, or frequency of use. [more…]

2 Ways to Find Records in a GoldMine Database

When using GoldMine 8 CRM software, finding a record may be the most frequent task you perform. You can locate any record — no matter how many are in your GoldMine database — by using a simple search or [more…]

Basics of Marketing Automation and Online Marketing

Marketers are running the majority of their campaigns online. Marketing automation and online marketing have a symbiotic relationship. Think of marketing automation as an extension of online marketing. [more…]

How to Use Marketing Automation to Attract the Modern Buyer

With the amount of time people spend online, if you’re not online, you’re going to be left behind. Marketing automation can help you to reach your customers at the right time without having to be tied [more…]

How Marketing Automation Can Attract the Modern Buyer

You probably have already taken advantage of online marketing, but you can earn greater advantage through automating these efforts. You probably have a website, an e-mail tool, and a Twitter account. You [more…]

How to Start the Conversation about Marketing Automation

As with any new investment in technology at a company, implementing marketing automation requires a lot of steps. The first step is to get the conversation going in your organization. Here are a variety [more…]


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