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Xero For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Using the Xero cloud-based accounting system makes small business accounting fast, easy and enjoyable. This cheat sheet gives you extra tips and tricks for working with the collaborative accounting tool [more…]

Introduce Xero to Your Team

You can use different tools and settings in Xero or on your computer to get the most out of your cloud-based accounting experience. Check out the following tips that help make doing the books online easier [more…]

Xero Bank Feeds: The Business Tool

Xero supports over 5,000 bank feeds. Generally, most banks bank feeds are correct 99 per cent of the time, while the odd few are a bit more fragile and need to be watched. [more…]

Explore Xero Add-On Solutions

Xero has many online networking capabilities, including add-on features. Xero is a ‘social’ software and it talks to a wide range of other solutions that in turn can help you with routine business tasks [more…]

10 Tips for Improving Your Cash Flow with Xero

Cash is critical for the survival of a business and Xero can be used to help track it. Cash needs to be flowing into the business, so the business has money to pay for general expenses like rent, wages [more…]

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