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Unlike traditional software, Salesforce is “Saas”, also known as Software-as-a-Service. You sign up to rent the service, log in through a browser, and it’s immediately available. There’s no purchase, installation [more…]

Focusing on the Relationship in Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

A CRM application is only as good as the data you put into it. Every business is different, so when it comes to data, you have no single list of rights and wrongs to follow. In general, you should always [more…]

Making It Easier for Your Sales Team to Sell with Salesforce

A lot of factors determine whether you will win a deal. But no matter how complex your sales are, we guarantee that making things difficult on your sales reps will not improve your sales. Salesforce has [more…]

Choosing a Marketing Automation Vendor to Integrate with Salesforce

For marketing users who are new to Salesforce, here are some quick and easy tips on evaluating any additional marketing automation needs that you might have: [more…]

Using Service Cloud to Handle an Increase in Customer Service Cases

If you use Salesforce correctly, you should see an increase in your sales. While that’s universally considered to be a good thing, it can lead to an increase in customer service cases. If you’re not prepared [more…]

Tips for the Salesforce Developer

The customization possibilities are nearly limitless with the platform. Many customers consolidate their systems and now run their entire business out of Salesforce. Regardless of whether you [more…]

Top 10 Salesforce Problems to Look Out For

Sometimes an existing Salesforce instance is no longer optimized. This happens for a number of reasons, and sometimes they’re not always under the system administrator’s control. Listed here are some of [more…]

Learning about Advanced Analytics in Salesforce

Some of you are finding out how to use Salesforce so that you can run reports for powers-that-be, and Salesforce offers a lot of reporting features. You don’t have to be a quant jock to understand all [more…]

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