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Following Chatter Best Practices in Salesforce

As with other social media outlets like Twitter or Facebook, when you use Chatter, the collaboration engine of Salesforce, you need to be sensitive to the information you’re posting and how the content [more…]

Distinguishing between Pipelines and Forecasts in Salesforce

What’s the difference between a pipeline and a forecast in Salesforce? Many business users use these two terms interchangeably. They normally both refer to an aspect of your sales organization and process [more…]

Tracking Call Center Metrics with Third-Party Apps in Salesforce

When you have your call center up and running, and you’re using Salesforce Service Cloud or even just case management (which comes with Sales Cloud), you should be thinking about ways to consistently improve [more…]

Maintaining Clean Data in Your Salesforce Org

For many companies, maintaining clean data in your Salesforce org is akin to working out for many humans. Many companies resist getting the habit off the ground, even though they recognize the benefits [more…]

Using Permission Sets in Salesforce and Setting Up a Profile Governance Policy for Your Organization

Profiles are assigned to users in Salesforce and determine what permissions they have on various objects and fields, and what they see via page layouts. [more…]

Using the Salesforce AppExchange to Measure User Adoption

The AppExchangeis Salesforce’s marketplace for business apps. Think of it like the App Store for Salesforce. You can use the AppExchange to add or install thousands of custom apps [more…]

10 Salesforce Productivity Tools

Few companies make use of every feature when they first deploy Salesforce to their employees. It would be overwhelming to absorb, and you know that success is a function of end-user adoption. So, if you’re [more…] For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Unlike traditional software, Salesforce is Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). You sign up to rent the service and log in through a browser, and the software is immediately available. There’s no purchase, installation [more…]

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