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Control Spell Checking in QuickBooks 2012

No company preferences exist for the Spelling Preferences in QuickBooks 2012, but the My Preferences tab provides several options for controlling how spell checking works for you within QuickBooks. [more…]

How Profit-Volume-Cost Analysis Works in QuickBooks 2012

QuickBooks 2012 allows you to quickly perform profit-volume-cost analysis. Profit-volume-cost analysis uses three pieces of information to show how your profits change as sales revenues change: estimates [more…]

How to Calculate Break-even Points in QuickBook 2012

QuickBooks 2012 allows you to calculate product break-even points quickly and easily. A break-even point shows the sales revenue volume that produces zero profit and zero loss. Remember the formula for [more…]

Business Strategic Plan Components

A business strategic plan is a plan regarding how to manage the future but basing it on history and the facts contained in QuickBooks 2012 probably makes the exercise more accurate and valuable. Business [more…]

Reviewing Financial Statements and Ratios for QuickBooks 2012

For the QuickBooks 2012 users, the term financial statement can refer to one of several types of schedules and summaries of economic information. Typically, however, the term describes a set of documents [more…]

Writing a White Paper Business Plan

There are many sources of information, including QuickBooks 2012, on the process of writing white paper business plan. Within the QuickBooks 2012 software, choose the Company→Planning & Budgeting→Use Business [more…]

Keeping Your QuickBooks 2012 Data Confidential

Because the information is private, your first concern in administering a QuickBooks 2012 accounting system is to keep your data confidential. You have two complementary methods for keeping your QuickBooks [more…]

QuickBooks 2012 Enterprise Solutions in a Multi-User Environment

QuickBooks 2012 allows you to set up several passwords for the QuickBooks 2012 data file. What’s really neat about this is that you can tell QuickBooks 2012 to limit certain users and passwords to do only [more…]

QuickBooks 2012 Pro and Premier in a Multi-User Environment

QuickBooks Pro and Premier 2012 allow you to set up several passwords for the QuickBooks data file. What’s really neat about this is that you can tell QuickBooks to limit certain users and passwords to [more…]

Changing User Rights in QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions 2012

In QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions, you can also modify the rights that you assign to a user. To do this, choose the Company→Users→Set Up Users and Roles command to display the Users and Roles dialog box [more…]

Simultaneous Multi-User QuickBooks 2012 Access

QuickBooks 2012 allows your multiple users to have simultaneous or serial access, depending upon your business needs. For example, if a small business has only an administrative assistant and the owner [more…]

Maintaining Good Accounting Controls in QuickBooks 2012

When you introduce multiple accounting system users into your QuickBooks 2012 you increase the need for accounting controls. By having access to the accounting system, users can either inadvertently introduce [more…]

Business Owner Management of QuickBooks 2012 Accounting System

Many business owners don’t view the accounting system contained in QuickBooks 2012 as anything more than a tool to produce invoices and paychecks and information required for the annual tax return. Unfortunately [more…]

Basics of Backing Up the QuickBooks 2012 Data File

A critically important task that either you or some co-worker needs to complete is to back up the QuickBooks 2012 data file. Quite literally, the QuickBooks data file describes your business’s financial [more…]

Online Backups of QuickBooks 2012

The QuickBooks 2012 Save Copy or Backup dialog box shown below, includes an Online option button. If you want to find out more about backing up the QuickBooks company data file online — which means using [more…]

QuickBooks 2012 Backup Tactics

Backing up your QuickBooks 2012 data file is, mostly, just a matter of common sense. That being said, however, here are some ideas about how and when and maybe why you should back up: [more…]

Restoring a QuickBooks 2012 Data File

If you find that the working copy of the QuickBooks 2012 data file becomes corrupted or gets destroyed, you need to restore the QuickBooks data file so you can again begin using QuickBooks. Restoring the [more…]

The QuickBooks 2012 Condense File Function

The QuickBooks 2015 Condense function does a couple of things. First it creates an archival copy of the data file and it processes that data file to allow it to be smaller. For more detail check out the [more…]

How to Condense Your QuickBooks 2012 Data File

The QuickBooks 2012 Condense command creates a permanent copy ,called an archival copy, of the QuickBooks data file. An archival copy of the company file amounts to a snapshot of the company file as it [more…]

Clean-up and Archiving Strategies for QuickBooks 2012

Deciding when and how you want to clean up or archive your QuickBooks 2012 company file is mostly a matter of common sense. Your first consideration should be whether you need to condense the company file [more…]

QuickBooks 2012 Troubleshooting: Using the Help File

You have some QuickBooks 2012 problem that you can’t solve by using Help, and it’s either a bug or some glaring error in the QuickBooks documentation. In fact, upon further reflection, you may be thinking [more…]

Troubleshooting QuickBooks 2012: Intuit’s Product-Support System

In addition to the option of using the Intuit QuickBooks 2012 product-support website, you can also get direct product support in a variety of ways: [more…]

How to Use QuickBooks 2012 Data for Profit-Volume-Cost Analysis

You need three items of QuickBooks data in order to perform profit-volume-cost analysis: sales revenue, gross margin percentage, and fixed cost. Typically, these items of data aren’t difficult to find [more…]

Printing User Permissions in QuickBooks 2012

Accountants often want to see the permissions that particular users have in QuickBooks 2012. This is especially true if you’re audited by your CPA as part of annual closings. [more…]

How to Add a Group Item to the Item List in QuickBooks 2012

A group item lets you more easily invoice customers in QuickBooks 2012 when, from the customer’s perspective, he or she is buying a single item, but from your perspective, you’re actually selling several [more…]

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