Signal Strength and the Network Icon in Droid Bionic

Two technical-looking status icons appear to the left of the current time atop the Droid Bionic screen. These icons represent the network the phone is connected to and its signal strength.

The Signal Strength icon displays the familiar bars, rising from left to right. The more bars, the better the signal. An extremely low signal is shown by zero bars; when there’s no signal, you see a red circle with a line through it (the International No symbol) over the bars.

When the phone is out of its service area but still receiving a signal, you see the Roaming icon, where an R appears near the bars.

To the left of the signal bar icon is the Network icon. No icon means that no network is available, which happens when the network is down or you’re out of range. The icon might also disappear when you’re making a call.

Otherwise, you see an icon representing one of the different types of cellular data networks to which the Droid Bionic can connect. The 4GLTE icon represents the fastest network to which the Droid Bionic can connect. The 3G icon is second fastest. The 1X icon represents the slowest network connection.