Organize and Manage Contacts on the Droid Bionic

Eventually, you’re going to scroll the Contacts list on your Droid Bionic. Sure, you can search for a contact, but there are better and more interesting ways to organize and manage the people in your phone, such as creating contact groups.

It’s possible to corral contacts into groups, which makes it easier to send that group an e-mail or a text message. Follow these steps to create a contact group:

  1. Display the Contacts list.

  2. Touch the View Contact Groups button at the top of the screen.


    You see any groups already created, such as groups you may have organized in your Google account.

  3. Press the Menu soft button and choose the New Group command.

  4. Type a name for the group.

  5. Touch the OK button.

    The group is created, but it’s empty. The phone recognizes that the group is empty. The next step is to add members to the group.

  6. Scroll your Contacts list and place a green check mark by the names of people you want to add to the group.

  7. Touch the Done button.

    You see the group listed, along with all its members.

To perform an action with the group, press the Menu soft button and choose Send Message, Send Email, or Create Event. Then follow along with the directions on the screen for completing your group message or activity.

  • Add members to the group by touching the green Plus button in the upper-right part of the screen while you’re viewing the group.

  • Remove people from the group by pressing the Menu soft button and choosing the Edit Group command. Touch the red Minus button by a member’s name to remove him or her. Touch the Save button when you’re done.

  • Delete a group by pressing the Menu soft button and choosing the Delete Group command. Touch the Yes button to confirm.