Access Special Characters on the Droid Bionic

You can type more characters on your Droid Bionic than are shown on all three variations of the onscreen keyboard. To access these characters, you press and hold (long-press) a specific key to see a pop-up palette of options from which you choose a special character.

This figure illustrates the pop-up palette for the O key. Long-press the O key to display the palette, from which you can choose a special character variation or touch the X button to cancel.


Extra characters are available in uppercase as well. To type uppercase letters, press the Shift key before you long-press a key on the Multi-Touch keyboard.

  • If you don’t want to type an extra character — tough. The highlighted character appears on the screen when you release your finger. Press the Del key on the keyboard to back up and erase.

  • Extra characters are available in uppercase as well: Press the Shift key before you long-press on the onscreen keyboard.

  • Certain symbol keys on the onscreen keyboard also sport extra characters. For example, various currency symbols are available when you long-press the $ key.

As a “smart” phone, the Droid Bionic makes a guess at the words you’re typing as you type them. A list of suggestions appears above the Multi-Touch keyboard, as shown in this figure.


Choose a suggestion by touching it with your finger or by pressing the Space key to choose the highlighted word. The word you choose appears instantly on the screen, saving you time (and potentially fixing your terrible spelling or typing, or both).

You can disable word suggestions and automatic error corrections.