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Options for Displaying Content on a WordPress Site

By Lisa Sabin-Wilson

Depending on your readership and your market strategy, you may want to display your content in different ways. With a WordPress-powered website, several options are available to display content, such as

  • Full articles

  • Excerpts

  • Photo galleries

  • Chronological order

  • Grouped by topic

  • Most popular

Deciding how to display different types of content on your website is greatly determined by what type of content your website offers. Here are a few examples:

  • An online store: A website that sells products to its visitors wants a prominent display of the product information, including photos, descriptions, pricing, and purchasing options. This type of e-commerce setup is designed to sell products and make money, so making sure those products and the purpose of the website are prominently displayed when a visitor first sees the site is important.

  • A news or magazine site: This type of site focuses on the delivery of content, or articles and stories that have been written for reader consumption. This type of site should display the content in a fashion that’s easily accessible by readers. You may consider grouping the content into topical archives with excerpts to compact the content in areas on the website that are easy to navigate.

  • A photography site: A site may focus completely on photography or imagery, in which case the emphasis is on the visual offerings of the website.

  • A site with a blog: A simple, typical blog layout, for example, displays full blog posts in chronological order (from the most recent posts to the oldest). This type of content presentation is typically reserved for a website that has a blog on its front page or a website that contains a blog as part of its content offerings.

    You can use different types of layouts for different pages on the website. For example, the front page of the website can be all about e-commerce and products, and an internal page (any page other than your front page) can have a completely different layout of blog posts and articles.

You have many options for content delivery with a WordPress website, and before you design or code the site, knowing what type of content will be presented and how it should look is important information to include in your overall plan.