WordPress Site Design in a Sandbox Environment - dummies

WordPress Site Design in a Sandbox Environment

By Lisa Sabin-Wilson

As a WordPress website designer and developer, it’s very helpful to have a sandbox to play in. A sandbox, in this case, is a website or local development area where you can work on a website design and test different layouts and methods of content delivery before launching the site live on a client’s (or your) hosted domain.

A sandbox environment is extremely vital to professional developers who create websites for clients on a regular basis. The sandbox allows you a private space to create the site design and present your work to clients where you can work, back and forth, to get the site design and features in line with what your client expects.

After the client gives you final approval on the overall website design and layout, you can transfer the site from your sandbox domain to the client’s live domain within a matter of minutes.

Additionally, creating a sandbox environment can help you a great deal when you work with platforms that change as quickly as WordPress and related plugins because you can install and run beta versions of the software. In a test environment, working with new features before they release to the public in an official version upgrade can be highly beneficial. The advantages of doing this include

  • Becoming adept at using new features so that when you upgrade your site, you’re informed enough to advise your users.

  • The opportunity to install and test new plugins or themes before you commit to making those changes on your site.

  • Testing early, beta versions of WordPress to help discover bugs and then using WordPress Trac to report any problems. You don’t have to be a programmer to contribute to the WordPress project. You can be a tester and help the developers and programmers fix issues for WordPress users worldwide.