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How to Add New Users to Your WordPress Blog or Website

When users register on your WordPress blog or website, you get an e-mail notification (sent to the e-mail address you set on the General Settings page), so you always know when new users register, and you can then go into your Dashboard and edit the user to set his role any way you see fit.

Allowing new users to register by using the WordPress registration interface is only one way to add users to your site. As the site administrator, you have the ability to add new users manually by following these steps:

1Enter your username and password in the form at

This is how you login to your Dashboard.

2Click Add New in the Users menu on the Dashboard.

The Add New Users page opens.

3Enter the username in the Username text box.

You can’t skip this text box. The new user types in this username when he’s prompted to log in to your site.

4Enter the user’s e-mail address in the E-Mail text box.

You can’t skip this text box, either. The user receives notifications from you and your site at this e-mail address.

5Fill in the user’s first name, last name, and the URL for the user’s website in the Website text box.

New users can register on your site only after you enable the Anyone Can Register option on the General Settings page within your Dashboard. If you don’t have it enabled, then users see a message on the Registration page that tells them registration isn’t allowed.

6Enter the desired password in the Password text box.

WordPress asks you to type the password twice as a way of authenticating the password (making sure that you typed it correctly the first time). WordPress provides a strength indicator that gives you an idea of how strong, or secure, your chosen password is. You want secure passwords so that no one can easily guess them, so make the password at least seven characters long and use a combination of letters, numbers, and symbols (such as @, #, $, and ^).

7Select the Send This Password to the New User by Email check box.

The user will receive an email with the new password.

8Select Subscriber, Contributor, Author, Editor, or Administrator from the Role drop-down list and click the Add User button.

The Add New User page loads and the e-mail notification is sent to the user you just added. When the page loads, all the fields are cleared, allowing you to add another new user, if you want.