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Social Media Metrics: Tracking Mobile Use of Your Website

By Leslie Poston

What can analytics tell you about mobile traffic to your site? Mobile metrics can tell you volume, what your visitor buying patterns or lead generation patterns are, and what the demographic of your mobile site visitors are.

After you have a handle on these things, you can make your site stickier for the mobile visitors. This, in turn, will translate to a better mobile app experience down the road.

Knowing which mobile operating systems and devices draw the most visitors to your site can help you optimize for those users’ experiences. As you get familiar with how each platform works, you can make simple changes to improve the whole experience of visiting your site for the mobile user. You can also insert metrics into the buttons these users click the most and the forms they fill out the most in order to generate more leads and create more conversions.

Tracking these metrics may reveal user habits you’d otherwise miss. For example, do your visitors from mobile devices feel comfortable buying on their phones, or do they come back to your site later to make a purchase? Is your form too long — does it lose visitors before they finish filling it out on their phones? Have you incorporated APIs from other companies to make signing in to your site easier for mobile visitors?

If you’re a Safari user, you can turn on the Developer menu in the Safari toolbar. This menu allows you to view your website as it appears on various operating systems and mobile devices. By taking a quick peek at how your website behaves for your visitors, you can adjust issues before you put the finished site out into the wild.

How you track your marketing campaigns targeted at a mobile audience is also key to your success. Building a mobile site helps. If you can’t build an entire mobile site, build a landing page designed for your mobile visitors.

If you use a metrics service that makes this easy, using text messages can be helpful as well. You’ve seen this in action on reality shows like American Idol, where viewers are encouraged to text their vote to a certain number. This number is tracking the metrics of these votes as well as the conversions to website use and demographics.

In addition to the traditional ones like Google Analytics, other services are designed specifically for mobile marketing campaigns. Meltwater Engage, AdMob, Clickatell, Crowd Factory, and others all have ways to track mobile campaigns (and a couple also help you implement these campaigns).