Social Media Metrics: Setting Up Event Tracking with Google Analytics - dummies

Social Media Metrics: Setting Up Event Tracking with Google Analytics

By Leslie Poston

Event tracking is a social media metric that shows how visitors travel through your website via calls-to-action. Use Google Analytics to set up event tracking, and you’ll be able to see what’s working to convert for you on your site.

Thinking of your calls-to-action as part of a sales funnel— and, in fact, considering it a conversion funnel instead — will only help you succeed. The biggest part of this funnel will be metrics — the measurement of how people are traveling through the whole site-conversion funnel — will help you direct placements, buttons, and content to maximize keeping their attention.

To set up event tracking using Google Analytics and your website:

  1. Place a piece of code on your site.


    Using a form as an example, this code would go next to the input button code. (For a call-to-action button, it would go within the button link.) Category is the type of thing you’re tracking (e-book, newsletter subscription, registration). Action defines the interaction of your visitor (click, button). Label helps you figure out what the event you’re tracking is later and should be easy to remember. Value allows you to give your event a value, if you need to.

  2. Log in to your Google Analytics account and navigate to the domain where the event will take place.

  3. Click Conversions in the left sidebar of the new Google Analytics dashboard.

  4. Click Goals and then click Overview.

  5. Choose Set Up Goals.

  6. Configure your new goal to match the criteria and URL specified in the event tracking code you just implemented on your site.

  7. Repeat these steps for each new event or call-to-action button you want to track.

    Make sure to create separate goals with related names for any A/B testing you’re doing!