How to Use Klout Apps for the Android - dummies

How to Use Klout Apps for the Android

By Andrea Updyke

To search for Android apps, open the Google Play store on your device and type Klout into the search bar. Tap an app to read its description and reviews. After you find the app you want to install, tap the Install button to begin the installation to your Android device. Then you can begin to view and configure your app.


How to Use Klout for Android

The Klout for Android app was created by and is the most comprehensive of the three apps. With this app, you can view your current Klout Score and share it via Twitter and Facebook, and view your top five topics and ten of your fellow influencers.

To begin, install the Klout for Android app via the Google Play store. After you install the app, configuration is easy.

  1. Open Klout for Android by tapping the icon on your home screen.

    A screen appears prompting you to enter a Twitter name.


  2. Type in your Twitter name, without the @ symbol in front of it, and tap the View button.

    A limited version of your profile appears.

Your profile screen contains quite a bit of information for a limited app. Starting at the top of the page, you can view your Klout Score as well as the following:

  • Amplification details: This is an older Klout metric that scores how your messages are carried throughout your social networks.

  • True reach: This shows the number of people you communicate with via your social networks.

  • Network Score: This measures the average Score of the influencers you connect with.


  • Change in Score: At the bottom of your Score section, a chart displaying the change in your Score over the past five days appears. This helpful visual gives you an at-a-glance idea of the general growth or decline of your Klout Score.

The next section within this app is an interactive list of the top five influencers you’re influenced by followed by the top five people you influence. Using your finger to slide the icons to the left or right, you can view each influencer’s name and Klout Score. Finally, you can click each person’s photo icon to go to his profile screen, where you can view his Score, influencers, and topics.

Finally, your profile screen has a list of the top five topics in which Klout believes you to be influential. At this time the list is not interactive, and you cannot use it to endorse fellow influencers; it’s purely informational.

Sharing your Klout Score via Twitter and Facebook is easy with the Klout for Android app. To do so, simply tap on the Twitter or Facebook icons on the top left and right of the screen. This opens a new window with a status update for you to share.

Klout Droid

Developed by Pete Yagmin, this is another one-screen app that allows you to view basic Klout updates using your Android device. See the app’s detail screen in the Google Play store.


Getting started is easy after you download and install the app via the Google Play store. As with Klout for Android, you can use only your Twitter account to log in to this app.

Don’t forget to leave off the @ symbol when logging in to the Klout Droid app!

A profile screen appears after you’re logged in to Klout Droid. On this screen, you see the following features:

  • Your Klout Score: The Klout Droid software connects with Klout to update your score so the most current score is displayed when you view your app.

  • A social sharing button for Twitter only: You may share your Score using the Twitter sharing button. At this time, Twitter is the only social network you can share with via the Klout Droid app.

  • Your network Score details: Like Klout for Android, the Klout Droid app allows you to review certain details about your Score, including the average Score of your network, true reach, and amplification probability.

  • The top five people you influence: View the names and Klout Scores of the top five people you influence. Names are also hyperlinked so you can click an influencer and view her profile.

  • The top five people you are influenced by: View another five names, including the people who most influence you, along with their Klout Scores. Follow their links to view each influencer’s profile.

  • A search box to find other influencers by Twitter name: To view the Klout Score of an influencer who does not appear in your profile, simply enter the person’s Twitter name in the search field and tap the View Klout button. Remember to leave out the @ symbol when you enter an influencer’s name.


In the upper-right corner of your profile screen in Klout Droid, a gear icon takes you to the Configuration page. By tapping this gear, you can change the default profile that appears each time you open the app. This may be useful if you manage more than one Klout account.


Klout Widget – Beta

Klout Widget – Beta, developed by Patrick Theisen, is a widget, not an app, and therefore offers very little information. However, if you wish to view your Klout Score on the home screen of your Android device, this widget gets it done.

To install your Klout Widget, go to the Google Play store and download it just like you would an app. To add the Klout Widget to your home screen after it’s installed, follow these steps:

  1. Open your collection of widgets and find the orange Klout Widget icon.


  2. Tap and hold the widget to move it to your home screen.

    A login screen appears.

  3. Enter your Twitter name (without the @ symbol) to log in.


    Your Klout Widget now appears on your home screen displaying your updated Klout Score.