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Social Media Commerce: Choose the Right Blog Host

By Marsha Collier

In social media commerce, you have several good options when choosing an online platform for your business blog. To decide for yourself which is the best, visit the sites listed here, kick some tires, and see which seat feels good to you.

The blog arena has two major players. Here are their basic statistics:

  • Blogspot is a free hosting site owned by Google. They hosted 275 million blogs in 2009 and an estimated billion plus in 2012. Statistics on most Google products are hard to find, but statistics on your blog are readily available to the blog owner. The Blogspot blog publishing service is Blogger.

  • WordPress is a free hosting site with many for-fee upgrades and widgets. This cross-platform content management system (CMS) software can be used on almost any web host. WordPress currently hosts about 35 million blogs and the WordPress CMS runs on 60 million blogs on other hosts.

Blogger is easy to use and intuitive. They do not offer the plethora of widgets (small apps that add features) that WordPress does because the bulk of what you need is already included. WordPress also has widgets to improve search optimization — but Blogger is a Google service, and until Google is no longer the leading search engine, search engine optimization (SEO) probably shouldn’t be a worry.

Here are a few other popular blogging options:

  • Tumblr hosts 58 million blogs, although it was originally a micro blog site. Tumblr is like a social media network unto its own. Those with blogs on Tumblr follow other blogs and the site lets you know when the accounts you follow last posted. Tumblr also supplies easy-to-find statistics. It’s free and has templates. Some big brands are using it.

  • Posterous was recently acquired by Twitter and is the youngest platform of the bunch, debuting in 2008. They host about 23 million blogs, or Posterous spaces. They offer a nice browser add-on that makes sharing stories or infographics from other sites easy.

Check out each site and see which works for you — note that you can easily customize most blog templates. In addition, find out what platforms others are using.