Social Commerce on Amazon: Links and Widgets

By Marsha Collier

The Amazon Associates program is a great way to use social media sites to sell products. For example, you can add links or widgets on your business site. Links are text-based hyperlinks that are part of your content. Widgets are rectangular and show an image of the item (or more than one item) for sale.

In the figure, the website designer inserted a widget at the bottom of a blog post in case someone wants to buy one of the featured books after they’ve finished reading.

Inserting links to related products for sale on your blog post.
Inserting links to related products for sale on your blog post.

After you are a member of Amazon, your browser (via cookies) automatically recognizes your Amazon sign-in and the Associates stripe appears automatically when you browse the site.

To get a link or widget for your website or blog, do the following:

  1. Browse to the product page of the item you want to link.

  2. Click the Link to This Page button on the Associate’s bar.

    The screen shown in here appears.


  3. Click one of the tabs at the top of the screen — Text and Image, Text Only, or Image Only — depending on what you want to link.

  4. Make any color adjustments and select other options as desired.

    Your affiliate information is embedded in the code, and the link widget or text link is ready to paste in your blog or website.

  5. Click Highlight Link.

  6. Press Ctrl +C (cmd+C) to put the link on your clipboard.

  7. In your blog or website, position your cursor where you want the widget or link to appear and press Ctrl+V (cmd+V).

If you already have a widget on a page and want to add another item, click Add to Widget and your new item appears. Widgets update dynamically from the Amazon website.

To share on Facebook or Twitter, follow these steps:

  1. Browse to the product page of the item you want to share.

  2. Click the Share button on the Associate’s bar.

  3. Make a selection from the drop-down menu:

    • Facebook: If you choose Facebook, you see the standard Share This Link window, as shown. Add your comment and then click Share Link.

    • Twitter: If you choose Twitter, a Tweet window opens containing your associate’s code and a promotional Tweet.

    Because Tweets are short and must be concise, try to write the Tweet in a more social manner than Amazon’s proposed Tweet and use a URL shortener. (Nothing looks less social than Tweeting a referral link.) Copy and paste this link and Tweet from another site so you have control over shortening the URL.

    Share an Amazon link on Facebook.
    Share an Amazon link on Facebook.