UX Design: 5 Tasks for the Build Phase - dummies

UX Design: 5 Tasks for the Build Phase

By Kevin P. Nichols, Donald Chesnut

Part of UX For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Technology teams implement the build phase of a UX design, so UX designers might think it’s time for a well-deserved break. Sorry, but during the build phase, you can still create some deliverables, including finalizing the documentation (such as a visual style guide for the UX).

Additionally, you can complete the following:

  • Final metrics that you want to measure, a schedule for when and where the data will be collected, and a reporting dashboard.

  • Content production (creation) plan and migration plan, which may include a map for which content in the existing experience will migrate to the new UX and where it should go.

  • Editorial calendar that plots out which content is necessary to support the future experience.

  • A testing plan and scripts for testing the solution within its actual environment.