HTML References and Resources - dummies

By William Harrel

Part of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript Mobile Development For Dummies Cheat Sheet

You can’t go on the Internet without seeing HTML in action, but the Internet is a great place for finding out about HTML, too. The following table lists some valuable online resources for more information about HTML.

Name Description
HTML Tutorial This W3Schools site provides a complete tutorial and references
on how to use all HTML tags.
W3C Markup Validation
Use this site to check the validity of your HTML. The validator
also checks tags against doctype.
of Elements
Index of all HTML elements with links describing how to use
HTML 4.0
Guidelines for Mobile Access
W3C guidelines for creating HTML4 websites.
HTML5 Overview of HTML5 guidelines.
HTML5 Demos and
Several good examples of how to use HTML5 for specific
applications, complete with browser compatibility.
A complete reference of HTML5 tags and how to use them.
The Great
WebKit Comparison Table
A chart of WebKit HTML tags and which devices support