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Link to Useful, Relevant Sites for Better Search Engine Rankings

Your outbound links are those that you have going out of your Web site. For better search engine rankings, it’s important to actually have outbound links to resources and experts in your industry that help your visitors. It also shows search engines that you recognize who the other experts in your industry are and helps them to define your site by association. Here’s a quick list of things to keep in mind for your outbound links:

  • Link out to other experts. Pick non-competitive sites that you feel are relevant to your own site and are experts in their subjects. Not only does it increase your standing in the search engines (experts linking to experts), but it also makes you appear more trustworthy to users.

  • Make sure the link is useful to your users. Having a bunch of irrelevant links on your site damages your expertise in the eyes of the search engines. It also makes you look bad to your users. They’re coming to your site for research, and if you can’t give them any useful links to follow, they’re probably not going to come back.

  • Relevancy is key. Your links have to be relevant to your site, for you and the search engines.

  • Validate links. Make sure your links are legitimate and won’t get you in trouble with the search engines.

  • Be selective. If you’re associating with another Web site, make sure it’s worth it — no irrelevant links, no bad neighborhoods.