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How AOL and Search the Internet

In addition to the biggest search engines, some other smaller engines, like AOL and, draw a pretty respectable number of hits. And, they use Google technology to ensure the best results.


AOL has been around in some form or another since 1983. It now provides a link to other computers using software that creates a “gateway” to the rest of the Internet. Although not as big as it once was, it still provides some services such as e-mail, chat, and its own search engine. But AOL gets all of its search engine results from Google, both organic and paid.

If you want to appear in AOL search, you must focus on Google. set itself apart from Yahoo! and AOL by using editors to match common search queries, and then compiling results using several other search engines.

As competition mounted, went through several search engine technologies before acquiring Teoma in 2001, which is the core search technology they still use today. After pioneering the blended search but failing to gain any significant market share from the larger three engines, is now changing its market strategy and targeting what it sees as its core demographic: married women. gets most of their paid search ads from Google AdWords. does have its own internal ad service, but they place their internal ads above the Google AdWords ads only if they feel the internal ads will bring in more revenue.