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Adapt Your Web Page Content to Appear in Local Search Results

It’s important to let search engines know where you do business, so that your Web pages get returned in local searches. This means that you need to adapt your content, and not just copy pages and use a Find and Replace command to substitute different city names on each. That approach creates duplicate content (a bad thing because it damages your site’s ability to rank well in search results for having unique and relevant information). It also doesn’t satisfy your users or the search engines that you really do business in those locations.

To optimize your content for local searches, do the following:

  • Show your physical address. If you have a brick-and-mortar location, be sure to include the address and local telephone number prominently somewhere on your Web site, preferably on the home page. Make sure that the page containing this information is linked from your site map, so that search engines can easily find it. (A site map is a page containing links to the pages in your site, like a table of contents.) Showing your address and contact information to users also makes them feel more comfortable doing business with you because you’re not just a virtual company being operated from some post office box.

  • Mention your location. In your Web site text, mention the name(s) of the city or cities where you do business. It depends on your site structure and goals, but consider devoting specific pages to locations and then talking about what you do in that location throughout the text. So you might have one page about your company services in Poughkeepsie, another about Yonkers, and so on.

  • Talk about things related to the location. Don’t just give the city name. Also mention geographic terms related to it, as you would naturally in conversation. For instance, if you’re establishing that you do business in Los Angeles on a given page, you could also include “Hollywood” or “sunny Southern California” in the text.