Configuring the Voice HelpBar for Samsung SmartTV Applications - dummies

Configuring the Voice HelpBar for Samsung SmartTV Applications

By Handstudio Co., Ltd

The voice helpbar shows available voice commands or status information on the bottom of the Samsung SmartTV screen. Use the SetVoiceHelpbarInfo() function to control the voice helpbar.


The Voice HelpBar shown here is from the 2012 Model, and the View All Voice Commands are from the 2013 Model.


The helpbar has two modes—embedded and server guide—and receives string type parameters.

The SetVoiceHelpbarInfo() Function
Function SetVoiceHelpbarInfo
Version Support from RECOGNITION-0001
Security Type RECOG
Usage SetVoiceHelpbarInfo(helpbarInfo)

[string] Information of the helpbar to be registered
Case 1: Embedded Mode
helpbarInfo = ‘{
“itemText”:”Channel Up/Down”,
{“command”:”Channel Up”},
{“command”:”Channel Down”}]

Case 2: Server Guide Mode
helpbarInfo = ‘{
“guideText”:”Say the word or phrase you wish to

Example var helpbarInfo =


Each helpbar mode uses a different method to process the voice data. The embedded one processes the voice data internally, and tries to match it with one of the registered commands in the helpbar. A maximum of seven commands can be registered.

The server guide mode uses an external voice recognition service. The TV sends the recorded sounds file to the server, and the server returns a recognized result back to the TV. This is a more powerful mode, but it requires an Internet connection.