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Market Your Mobile Website to the Media

The iPhone and iPad are hot topics in the media these days. When you finish designing your site for these new media devices, don’t forget to promote them to traditional media outlets.

Attracting media attention to your mobile website is not unlike attracting it to any other business. The trick is to tell a good story and attract the attention of someone who can write about it in a publication that your target audience reads. Be sure to include a Press section on your website with contact information, story ideas, and any other press coverage you’ve received.

Don’t wait for journalists to come to you! Never pester a reporter with a barrage of e-mail, press releases, or phone calls, but realize that a well-timed or well-pitched message can catch the attention of a reporter and have the desired result — your web address in the press.

One good way to find journalists who might be interested in your site is to visit related sites and study their Press sections to find out who has been writing about them. Note not only the publication but also the writer. Then send a note directly to that person with a message that starts like this:

Dear fabulous journalist <insert that person’s name, of course>:

I enjoyed reading the article you wrote on the XYZ Company and thought that you might be interested in what we’re doing.

Keep your message brief, and try to include a news hook and story idea that go beyond just promoting your business. The fact that your site works on an iPhone/iPad is exciting, but make sure that you have more of a news hook than just the accessibility of your site on these devices.

For example, rather than tell a reporter that you have the best B&B site in northern California, pitch a story about the best hikes in the area and how visitors can use your interactive maps on their iPhones as they hike. With any luck, the article on interesting hikes will include a quote from you and a mention of your B&B’s mobile website.