Increasing the Display Quality in Manga Studio - dummies

Increasing the Display Quality in Manga Studio

By Doug Hills

By default, Manga Studio has the page display set at a standard quality. However, if you have a strong enough system (and really, you’d need a pretty weak system for this not to work well), you can increase the display quality a bit so that lines don’t look quite as jagged as you rotate a page.

On the Page tab of the Preferences dialog box, the first option you see is the Display Quality drop-down list. When you click the list, you see three options (Standard, High, and Maximum). Try each of them out and see how your system likes the adjustments.

You don’t see any major difference in quality when the page is in its normal (zero-degree) position. The only time you see any difference is when you use the Rotate tool to turn the page as you work. The differences are slight, but you might find it more comfortable to work at High or Maximum quality than at Standard.