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Create a Mobile Site Testing Plan

Test early and test often — repetitive testing is the key to developing a site for iPhone and iPad quickly and with confidence. Creating a detailed testing plan is an important addition to any good project development plan.

If you’re working on a small website, a little testing of your code and design display before you publish your pages may be all you need, but if you work on a large or highly complicated website, you may need to develop a more comprehensive testing plan.

It’s best to do several types of testing before, during, and after you launch a website.

Preliminary website testing

As you start developing a site, do some preliminary testing, to ensure that all the initial framework and design elements work before you add more complicated features.

When you want to try out a specific new feature or enhancement, good practice mandates testing it on a blank page before you start integrating it into a website. Testing a new feature on a page with nothing else on it enables you to check the functionality without interference from other elements on the site.

Preliminary testing can often be done well enough with Safari on a desktop computer or using an online emulator, but before you advance too far into the development (or rabbit hole) of your site, be sure to test the basic design and most important feature on a physical iPhone/iPad device, to ensure that it works as it should.

Developmental testing

As you’re developing a web a site, you need a quick way to test your pages regularly. Sometimes, it requires setting up a testing server on a remote site or on your own computer.

As you’re developing a site, you can test your work using an emulator or, even more simply, by using the Safari web browser on the computer you’re writing code on. Being able to test your pages in Safari on a Windows or Macintosh computer can save you from having to upload pages every time you make a change just to test them on your iPhone or iPad.


Keynote offers a high-end service that includes testing your mobile websites, applications, and other services for you. Keynote, shown in the figure, serves big companies and is a premium (meaning not cheap) service that provides testing and monitoring using real devices on a broad range of mobile carriers all over the world.


If you need the highest level of testing for your site, Keynote not only tests on many devices but also performs load testing over many different operator networks, one of the best ways to ensure that your site works well on a broad range of mobile devices. If you can justify the expense, the best way to test the speed and other capabilities of a website is by using Keynote.