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Counting on Ten Third-Party Acrobat Plug-Ins

By Greg Harvey

As versatile as Acrobat 6 is right out of the box, you can make the program even more multitalented and yourself more productive by investing in third-party plug-ins for Acrobat. Here is a smorgasbord of plug-ins that enhance various aspects of Acrobat. For more information on these plug-ins, including information on pricing and how to order them, as well as a listing of other third-party plug-ins currently available, visit this Adobe Acrobat page and click the Third Party plug-ins link.

Quite a Box of Tricks 1.5

This plug-in from Quite Software enables you to recompress the graphic images in a PDF document without having to re-distill the file. In addition, it can convert any RGB (Red, Green, Blue) PDF document to CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black), and get detailed information about any of the text and graphics in the file (including font and image dimensions).

Quite Imposing 1.5

The Quite Imposing plug-in from Quite Software enables you to compose PDF document pages on larger pages for printing and binding as books and booklets. This plug-in also enables you to reorder document pages and split or merge the even- or odd-numbered pages. It also enables you to compose foldable booklets from the pages of your PDF document.

Gemini 4.1 (Windows only)

The Gemini 4.1 plug-in from Iceni Technology enables you to quickly convert any PDF document into multiple text and image formats, allowing you to repurpose PDF content in numerous ways. Features include batch conversion; multiple format conversion for text, tables, and images; and an HTML customization of headers, footers, frames, background colors, and navigation links.

Jade 5.0 (Windows only)

This plug-in by BCL Software enables you to accurately extract normal text, tables, and graphics for editing in Windows applications, such as Microsoft Word and Excel, simply by selecting the text, table, or image and then copying it (using copy-and-paste or drag-and-drop methods).

Stamp PDF 2.7

This plug-in from Appligent enables you to add permanent text to a PDF document using watermarks, page numbers, colored text, and more. Stamps can be placed as headers or footer and at any angle in the PDF document.


The ARTS PDF Tools by A Round Table Solution are a suite of 70 plug-ins that enable you to save time performing dozens of PDF editing tasks. The programs also enable you to create your own custom tools that give you quick access to pre-defined tasks and also allow you to copy and share custom tools with other users.

Magellan 5.0 (Windows only)

This plug-in from BCL Software enables you to accurately convert PDF files into Web pages. It converts the text, graphics, and structure of your PDF file to the appropriate HTML tags to ensure that all the elements on the PDF page are correctly positioned in the resulting Web page.


This plug-in by Extensis Software enables you to organize digital photos, illustrations, and scans and provides visual access to creative content workgroups. The program supports Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, and Acrobat 6, allowing those users to quickly share, organize, retrieve, and distribute digital files.

PageRecall (formerly Page Vault)

The PageRecall plug-in from Authentica enables you to control the distribution, printing, and use of information in a PDF document after it is downloaded by a recipient. The program lets you easily add protection to all types of confidential documents delivered over the Internet.

Crackerjack 4

This plug-in from Lantana enables you to perform a wide array of PDF-based color production tasks. The program allows you to preview color separations prior to printing, map spot colors, use ICC profiles to control conversion of RGB images to CMYK, and fix font-embedding problems.